• Aug 14, 2019

Very long time ago, several centuries ago, clever people began to notice that stay on a bosom of the nature and communication with animals well influences mood and health. Having thought, they developed the whole technique of treatment, having called it "naturterapiya". Later from a naturterapiya the animaloterapiya — the method using animals and their images for assistance to people, and the help both physical, and psychological "gemmated". Very quickly the method began to extend worldwide.

 Child and dog of a photo

Why an animaloterapiya is so popular?

Researchers (the doctors and psychologists) studying interaction between animals and people agreed in opinion that it is difficult to overestimate a role of animals in our life. It explains a huge number of pets around the world. For example, only in the USA there live 55 million dogs and 60 million cats.

Animals often appear in art: comics, cards, fairy tales, folklore, music, photo, cinema. For example, already in the medieval tragedy of the knight Tristan dying of melancholy in separation from Izolda the dog to Pti-Kr restores to life. Now, when our life is inconceivable without television, the leading place in the world rankings is taken by transfers about animals. Whether it is worth being surprised that the animaloterapiya became a real alternative to other well-known types of psychotherapy?

Animaloterapiya abroad has different names. The terms "Therapy with Use of Animals" ("Animal Assisted Therapy") and "Activity with participation of animals" ("Animal Assisted Activities") are most often used.

Animaloterapiya "is shown" both to adults, and children. She gives the chance to cope with a stress, a depression, consequences of a psychological trauma, the panic attacks and many other illnesses.

What there is an animaloterapiya?
 Child and dog of a photo

On a photo: the nondirectional (natural) animaloterapiya

Animaloterapiya has the tools. It is images of animals (drawings, stories, fairy tales, cinema, toys) and the real animals , communication with whom is safe.

Animaloterapiya is active and passive . In the first case clients play with animals or look after them. In the second — watch aquarian small fishes, birds or animals in open-air cages without direct contact.

Also the animaloterapiya is directed and the nondirectional (natural).

Directed the animaloterapiya is a purposeful intervention at which an animal — the full participant of medical process. Here not only specially trained animals, but also the qualified employees are necessary. Ideally, the doctor and/or the psychologist participate in process the trainer (or the trainer). Sometimes participation of the teacher is necessary.

In turn, the directed therapy is divided into types depending on what animal is used, for example, a kanisterapiya (with participation of dogs), hippotherapy (with participation of horses), etc.

The nondirectional (natural) animaloterapiya — this communication with animals in house conditions. The researches directed to studying of relationship of people with the pets also laid the foundation for development of an animaloterapiya. The nondirectional animaloterapiya can help practically any of us, but it is especially effective in a case with children and elderly people.

 the Dog nurses the child of a photo On a photo: the dog nurses ребенка

Исследования show that 98% of children consider the animals important family members, and 88% are sure that pets understand when their owners are upset or badly feel. And elderly people who have pets are more independent and optimistic, than their peers who do not hold pets.

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