• Aug 13, 2019

The term "wellbeing of animals" is even more often used by both experts, and the public representatives. However these words mean absolutely different for different people. Actually, in a number of the countries and cultures this phrase in general is deprived of sense.

However, "wellbeing of people" — piece almost so mysterious. A concept of happiness for everyone the. However in general for most of people the wellbeing is a good health, sufficient welfare and freedom of choice. the Wellbeing of animals somewhat corresponds to this definition, but in something and differs.

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That such "wellbeing of animals"?

It is possible to assume that determination of wellbeing of animals depends on that, how exactly these animals are used. For example, for veterinarians and farmers it is more likely a health issue and living conditions. But when only one sphere of life of animals is estimated, there is a risk that not all needs of these animals are considered properly.

Besides how many same farmers, are so much also opinions that it "good conditions of keeping" and what attitude towards animals is acceptable. And hardly someone will begin to argue with the fact that, for example, farmers who support animals in the conditions close to natural treat them differently, than those who hold, for example, cows all life tied to a concrete feeding trough. And it causes difficulties in definition of a concept of wellbeing too.

But to have an opportunity to estimate wellbeing of animals, it is necessary to know what the animal such is. And the majority nevertheless meet that the wellbeing of animals is a condition of an animal and living conditions which change over time so that to give to the living being the chance to cope with those changes which it can face .

In recent years the scientists studying animals are more and more involved in researches of questions of their wellbeing. And more and more important is a question that is felt by animals in this or that situation. And it now – a cornerstone of determination of wellbeing of animals.

Idea that animals possess consciousness emotions and can sharply react to negative experience, is the cornerstone of assessment of wellbeing of animals. Not only fans of animals, but also scientists, and even politicians say about it (at least, in the developed countries). And this representation strongly affected wellbeing of animals around the world.

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As people treat a question of wellbeing of animals?

Now around the world the attitude towards animals changes. It is connected with what more and more people, at last, understand: animals are created not only for satisfaction of our whims, they have feelings and requirements too. And if they are not satisfied, animals suffer.

the Famous British scientist, professor of John Webster told
: no matter, what we tell and we think. Important what we do. And for the last 15 years at the global level it was succeeded to make big progress in the public relation to questions of wellbeing of animals.

And it concerns not only the countries where the wellbeing of animals is important for people for a long time. It concerns also the countries where animals seemed earlier something invaluable though in these countries it is necessary to a target= still a long way that the attitude of people towards animals became acceptable.

In recent years the set researches which give us the chance to understand is carried out, how exactly animals see the world. This knowledge helps us to interact better with them, not very well in what part of the globe we are. And to provide them what they really need.

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