• Jan 24, 2020

to Everyone at least once in life had to make the hard choice. It is insufferably difficult to release darlings … 14-year Aida made the wise adult decision – and now a blind dog Milan in new family.

This story about true love and devotion. Counter to ordinary opinion that volunteers are people with big, open, but iron hearts, we will tell: it is usual Cheloveki which too very strongly become attached to the wards, falls in love with them and even refuses to give them.

Often happens so that kind of strongly the person wanted to take away to himself an animal (even that to which saved life), cannot make it. As they say, circumstances are stronger than us.

the History of friendship of the 14-year-old girl of Aida and a blind dog of Milan — at the same time beautiful and sad. And very touching. Mylan is a ward of one of shelters . It is known that the main objective of staff of any similar institution, volunteers – to find the house the animal who got into a difficult situation somewhat quicker. After all life of pets even in the best shelter – not sugar. Household problems are not rare in such institutions. For example, in a shelter where until recently there lived Mylan, for several days there was no water. Volunteers always in search of means for purchase by an animal of a forage, drugs, other necessary things. And the conflicts between pets happen. Nobody cancelled fight for the territory, attention and the best piece.


to Milan got from fellows more than once. It was torn up, and bitten, to offend the weakest simply. And a dog not only that it is not young any more, so also gone blind.

At first volunteers actively looked for the house for Milan, but somehow it was impossible. And here Aida appeared. The girl became attached to a dog, fell in love with it, came to a shelter as often as could. And all the time carried out with a blind doggie, walked with him, trained, fed. The dog felt love of the child, answered the same. Mylan always waited for Aida, rejoiced it.

I it is suddenly ringing. People are interested not just in a dog, namely Milan. Come, get acquainted – and fall in love with a blind dog. Are ready to take away.

But how to be with Aida? The girl could not take away a dog in any way, circumstances did not allow. To its to 18 when she is able independently to make such crucial decisions, long to wait. And in the conditions of a shelter of 4 years at Milan can not be. Other volunteers and potential owners understood how hard to Aida to release the friend. But to give in this case did not mean to betray. And, on the contrary — to save. The girl was not hurried, waited when she releases Mylan.

Aida, the good girl, made really wise adult decision. For the sake of happiness of a dog it released her from itself. Milan moved to the new house. And family, according to curators of a dog — remarkable.

we Squeeze cams and we hope: at Milan everything will be good. We trust, as Aida surely will have a canine friend who will fill the formed emptiness in heart.

Video: instagram.com/rovkoval

All a photo are provided to by a municipal shelter of Get Dog .

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