• Oct 17, 2019

Christina Makeeva lives in Moscow and once absolutely accidentally came across the photo of an animal under the name of a kvokk. And having seen time – it is difficult to forget.

Therefore when Christina collected suitcases and departed to Australia, doubts were not – all this for the sake of

These sweetest creations live on several enough islands isolated from the outside world in Western Australia. This their last shelter on Earth – is not present foxes or cats there. In any other place the small and harmless kvokka would become a lunch for somebody more in no time.

to look at these kids, Christina with the husband flew by 25 hours, and then floated still an hour and a half on the ferry.

It is forbidden to touch квокк, however it and is optional – they and so sit next absolutely and chew the leaves indifferently.

After this trip Christina had many photos which lighten the mood even in the gloomiest day.

I in such effect there is nothing surprising – only look at these muzzles!

All photos: boredpanda.com

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