• Mar 17, 2019

For residents of the countries of the former Soviet Union the address to the psychologist is atypical. The similar expert for pets causes bewilderment in many at all. To understand who such zoopsychologist and when it is necessary to address him, costs to all owners of quadrupeds. Timely council and the help can render good service to both the person, and the pet.

Who Such Zoopsychologist and when It Is Necessary to Address Him

Choice of the qualified specialist

the Zoopsychologist is a doctor who specializes in behavior and perception of animals. On the basis of achievements of zoology and ethology experts study difficult mechanisms of mentality of animals.

science Purposes:

  • to understand how brothers smaller perceive the world around;
  • to develop effective techniques of their training and development;
  • to teach people to interact with planet fauna.

Sometimes happens very not easy to understand motives of acts of people, even when they are sincerely interested to open the position.

Who Such Zoopsychologist

With the animals who are not possessing the speech, the task is much more difficult. The professional it is impossible to become without development of adjacent areas therefore first of all it is possible to pay attention to education.

Before addressing for consultation, it is worth learning about experience of the expert. Each family and a species of animals has features mentalities. At zoopsychologists as any doctors, have the specialization. Successful experience with cat's does not guarantee that the employee will be able to render the qualified help of a reptile or to a rodent.

the Good sign if the zoopsychologist is aware of new researches, possesses certificates on visit of seminars.

This field of science is a little investigated therefore the professional is obliged to have the finger on the pulse and to monitor opening of colleagues. Additional benefit — good reviews from manufacturers .

Signs that the pet needs consultation

If the pet refuses food, shows apathy and indifference — first of all he needs to be shown to the veterinarian. The effect can arise because of feeling sick. If the physiological reasons are not established — the animal should be shown to the zoopsychologist. If recently the animal owner, the residence was replaced, or the injuring incident occurred — the reason, most likely, is in mentality of an animal.

Consultation is necessary if the owner does not manage to improve the relations with the pet independently.


The impenetrable obstinacy, food aggression, manifestation of a negative towards family members and other problems in behavior indicate violations in education which demand correction.

The good motive to address the zoopsychologist can be considered disturbing behavior and high level of fear of any phenomenon. of the Cat, shuddering from the vacuum cleaner — norm . But if the animal in panic is hammered under a table, hardly the owner touched slippers, so in the course of education gross violations which damaged mentality of the pet were allowed.

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