• Jan 21, 2020

Cailyn Kravchik from Northern Carolina (the state in the east of the USA) only 7 years, the girl has a rare disease – mastotsitozy. Symptoms of this disease are the sudden attacks of suffocation, hypostases, rashes, other dangerous symptoms similar on allergic which can lead to a lethal outcome. And the reasons for which they are suddenly shown are not clear. To predict when there is the following attack and what it will end with, very difficult. Physicians decided on kidney operation to learn why there again and again there is the same infection. But doctors were afraid that at introduction of anesthesia there can be an allergic reaction. And taking into account a disease of the girl, it could be very dangerous.

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For this reason doctors took an unusual step. At the operating room of the Medical University of North Carolina there was a dog! It was the terrier, a pet of family of Cailyn. The matter is that the dog underwent special training. He feels when his little hostess can have the next allergic attack and warns about it. For example, at weak symptoms the dog begins to be turned, at serious danger – loudly barks.
the dog also several times gave to
In the operating room alarming signs. For the first time it began to spin on the place when Cailyn entered anesthesia. And it is valid, the doctors performing operation confirmed that medicine can cause an allergy. The latest electronic devices did not show changes in the girl's organism. And the dog quickly calmed down.
Photo: dogtales.ru Once again Jay Jay slightly became agitated with
when the girl was brought out of an anesthesia. But he as well as for the first time, quickly sat down on the place.
Doctors an unusual experiment were satisfied. According to Brad Teycher, it would be inexcusable not to use possibilities of a dog. And though operation took place under sensitive control of experts and with use of the latest technical devices, abilities of a dog were good secure. Especially as nobody is better Jay than Jay does not feel the hostess. He constantly is together with her during the whole 18 months.
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at the girl appeared Two and a half years ago the most loyal and devoted friend. The terrier was taken from a shelter, and it underwent special training in the "Eyes, Ears, Nose and Paws" center. Trained a dog and the trainer Deb Kunninham trained in various teams. But even she did not assume that results of training will be so stunning. Jay Jay always warns the girl's parents about danger. And they manage to prevent attacks. The dog as nobody else feels Cailyn!
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Still the dog itself is able to get antihistaminic medicines from a locker.

Michel Kravchik, mother Cailyn, admits: with the advent of Jay of Jay their life very much changed. If earlier dangerous attacks happened at the daughter several times a year, then after the dog lodged in their house, seriously the disease reminded of itself only once.

Photo: dogtales.ru

the girl madly loves the doggie, considers it the cleverest and beautiful on light.

All that time while Cailyn was in clinic, near it there was also her favourite Jay Jay.

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