• Feb 23, 2019

Egypt not always the uniform state. Initially it was divided by noma — certain areas, in each of which there was the cult of worship of animals. Egyptians believed that gods are not just spirits, and the beings capable to accept shape of animals. A considerable part of deities was associated with cats and their fellows in the ancient state. To understand why Egyptians idolized cats, it is necessary to get acquainted with history and the culture of these people.

Cat in Egypt

is A little history

According to the most ancient hieroglyphs with the image of cats relating to the fifth and sixth dynasty of Pharaohs, for the first time cats appeared in Egypt between 2300 and 2000 B.C.

Worship of a Cat in Egypt

At that time grain was the main product. While barns were filled, the country could not be afraid of hunger. But the real trouble were rodents. Only cats could cope with them. Krom of mice they destroyed :

  • rats who were carriers of plague;
  • the birds destroying crops;
  • the snakes attacking the person.

The ability to hunt and to protect was one of the reasons of huge respect for these fluffy animals, and ability to move silently and cat's eyes which glowed in the dark, caused awe and horror. Such properties were considered as magic and were attributed to gods .

Egyptians admired these graceful and beautiful animals.

secret mystical knowledge of the world of the dead and protection against evil spirits were

But the most important properties with which they were allocated. So gradually cats turned from ordinary animals into deities.

Life of cats in Ancient Egypt

Presented to cats gifts and did everything possible to provide them the better life. Here some eccentricities which were considered then as the law:

Egyptian Cat

  1. If the animal was ill, then to temples carried handouts that priests prayed for its speedy recovery.
  2. In case of the death of the favourite pet all family had to shave eyebrows and wear mourning clothes, a funeral could take place only after his mummifying.
  3. When someone killed with a sacred animal , it was threatened by the death penalty or a huge penalty.
  4. Evacuation of cats from Egypt was forbidden.
  5. At the fire people rushed to fire on search of the frightened house deity which was not in time to be chosen.

Here with such adoration and respect then concerned our ordinary pets.

Egyptian mythology

Some deities of Ancient Egypt are represented in the form of cats. For example, god Ra is presented in shape of a red cat, the plunging dragon, and the goddess Bastet appears at us in an image of the woman with a cat's face. She was considered as the sovereign of female beauty and fertility. Bastet's cult existed up to the imperial decree, forbidding to worship cats , published in 390 our era.

Goddess Bastet

the interest of residents of Egypt in the former deities gradually died away Subsequently. But nevertheless the love and the special attitude towards these wonderful animals remained both with Egyptians, and with the people living in other countries.

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