• Jan 28, 2019

Before recent time the fact that medium-sized representatives of fauna were the fastest. Records on movement speed in air, on the land and in sea waters belonged to modest fellows on weight. Recently biologists explained why animals of the average size — the fastest in the world.

The Fastest Animals

Exposure of the myth

In fauna the speed of movement plays a huge role as it in many respects defines a possibility of production of livelihood. Weaker rivals are incapable to ensure food fall into clutches the enemies quicker.

Exposure of the Myth

Would be logical to assume that, the animal size is larger, the more it has to gather the speed as between amount of muscle fibers and ability to dispersal there is direct link. However simple observations would even cause internal contradictions in the ordinary person. In fact the superiority in ability to move belongs we will tell lies not to giants, but representatives of the average sizes. take the First positions:


  • on the land — a cheetah;
  • in air — a falcon;
  • in water — fish sword.

The similar situation was confirmed by the German scientists who suggested that such situation is connected with basic physical features of a body. They checked the guesses for 474 representatives of fauna with an average weight of 30 mkg up to 100 tons .

The received results of a research confirmed officially that the fastest are animals from category of averages by criterion of body weight.

of the Explanation of scientists and further prospects

Development by animals of average weight of the maximum speeds was explained with features of preservation of power stocks in cells of fast fibers of muscles. By scientists it was proved that a shape of extremities, volumes of separate parts of a body and the structure of joints have no defining value for ability of an animal to development of the maximum speeds. The ratio between total number of muscles and time for which they are capable to exhaust oxygen reserves completely became a key factor.


Animals, small by the size, have the small number of muscles, and large "brothers" have a situation obviously opposite: because of a large amount of fibers they quickly burn oxygen .

Representatives of fauna with an average weight have an optimum ratio therefore are capable to show high rates of speed.

Some scientists called researches of the German colleagues "courageous", but they really explain that fact why some animals with an identical weight have various physical capacities . For example, the person having the structure of a body and body weight similar to a chimpanzee has considerably the smaller force and speed of run. According to the new theory, at it less "slow" muscle fibers "fast" more are plain.

Researches of scientists extend to the flying, running, floating representatives of all planet including living in conditions of Far North and wild tropics. They gave new approach for development of theories concerning the died-out dinosaurs long ago.

Kind of a Lynx

If to assume that in those days there could live people, then the average person weighing 70 kg easily would escape from a tyrannosaur weighing 6 tons as the speed of "ancient" would be only 27 km/h against 41 km/h.

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