• Nov 10, 2018

Why the Cat Can Not Look in the Face? For most of people a direct look in eyes – the sign of the fact that the interlocutor is sincere and attentive. Of course, "Look the requirement to me in the face!" it is capable to cause desire to take away a look from the persistent opponent and in general to disappear from his field of vision. However pleasant associations nevertheless are connected with natural visual contact at the person usually.

Intense cat

Why the Cat Can Not Look in the Face? But we speak about people. And what cats? Probably, each of us at least once in the life noticed that the attentive look turned into eyes to a cat, causes in the last discomfort, and even induces it to stick claws into a hand of the observer considering it. And to it there are reasons.

Many things which people treat doubly exist. The cause is the fact that at a lack of scientific knowledge of people seeks to explain this or that phenomenon proceeding from the experience and, in many respects, the imagination. Therefore in a question why it is impossible to look in the cat's face, we face two main explanations too.

Why the Cat Can Not Look in the Face? the Explanation the first – mystical. Still Ancient Egyptian texts attributed to cats supernatural abilities, identifying them with the embodiments of the deity. And to come into direct visual contact with such creation, certainly, it was frightening.

Myths that the cat's look is capable to hypnotize are separately known. Here it is possible to remember at least and fairy tales in which jet-black cats – devoted friends of sorcerers of any flood – managed to bewitch the hero an unblinking look.

The legends narrating that there is a hidden communication between cats and the other world, are alive to this day. If to trust mysticism, these mysterious animals act as knowledge conductors between our reality and astral spheres. Has to be, indeed it is possible to believe in similar, peering into a fascinating chasm of cat's eyes, however we will pass to more plausible explanations.

Scientific researches confirmed the idea that you should not be lost in contemplation in cat's eyes, but the reasons highlighted absolutely others.

of the Cat are predators, let decorative, charming and habitual for us. And for any predator the look in an emphasis signals about threat.

Why the Cat Can Not Look in the Face? Look narrowly, and you will find out that the cats who are going to clash in a fight maintain visual contact. Therefore also eye to eye your fluffy favourite, most likely, will regard your stare as aggressive intentions. In that case you should not be surprised if that you with tenderness peer at her muzzle, the cat answers by means of sharp claws.

the Cat's mimicry and plasticity are quite expressive and if your alumna is strained, to you will not make big work it to distinguish.

Her eyes were dangerously narrowed, ears press close to the head, and she also stares at you? Look away, do not provoke the tender favourite to address a wild predator.

Why the Cat Can Not Look in the Face? It is remarkable that if to you takes in head to come into visual contact with a street cat, he will hardly regard it as threat of own safety and to personal space. We cannot establish only the right reason of it, but the big riddle does not seem here. For example, the small animal can treat your look turned to him as intention to offer something food.

Besides, unlike your own cat, her just met fellow has nothing to share with you, and he does not see in you the competitor. And here the domestic cat owing to the nature considers you and other family members rivals – for food, for the cozy town and, eventually, for domination in the house. Therefore, interacting with it, try to avoid nevertheless long and a stare eye to eye.

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