• Aug 13, 2019

Some owners prefer to combine walking of a dog with a visit of shop. And that, than badly: also did shopping, and the doggie walked, and two times from a sofa it is not necessary to rise? Meanwhile, it is impossible to leave a dog attached unguarded at all, and it is unimportant, where exactly – near shop, drugstore, "for a minute" having run to the girlfriend in the next entrance …

 the Attached beagle of a photo

On a photo: the attached dog. Photo: pixabay.com

Why it is impossible to leave a dog attached unguarded? Because thereby you endanger her life. There are several dangers trapping the dogs left unguarded:

  1. Theft. Even if your dog is not of special value, do not think that it is not required to someone else. For an animal can demand repayment, especially if on a collar there is an adresnik with the phone number. Teenagers simply "for the sake of a joke" can untie a dog. The thoroughbred dog can be stolen for resale or cultivation, especially if it is a dog of "fashionable" breed … Reasons for kidnapping of dogs set.
  2. Rescue operation. If you are absent long, people to whom not to spit on wellbeing of your dog, can, having observed her about half an hour, to decide that you threw it. Especially as cases when dogs are really left forever are frequent, having tied to a tree or a lamppost. So you can be surprised, without having found a dog where bound, and then accidentally having seen the announcement that to her look for the new house. Most likely, in this case you will return a dog. But how many nervous cages will spend everything: and you, both saviors, and your pet?
  3. can do to the Dog harm: to strike, cripple, poison. Awfully, but the people capable of similar go near us and can appear near your zhivotinka left unguarded at any time.
  4. the Dog can bite somebody, especially if is frightened, and the leash will not give the chance for retreat. Or to frighten the child who had imprudence to approach Ava. Even if you for 100 percent are sure of the dog, you cannot be charged in adequacy passing by people. And then try to beat off claims, you did not even see what occurred.

You should not amuse yourself with illusions that you "only there and back". Even if you need only a carton of milk, and in cash desk there is no turn, all the same you will lose a dog from a field of vision for some time. Only one moment that also yours, and her life changed irrevocably suffices!

Hardly you will leave unguarded near shop or just on the street a purse, phone or the child. And than the dog deserved the similar address? Do not put the pet at unjustified risk!

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