• Nov 1, 2019

of the Cat use all three dimensions of our world to the maximum, unlike dogs. They adore climbing! The principle "The higher, the better" is written down at them at the genetic level.


Tranquility and security

In the house where there live dogs or the small child, the cat climbs above to have a rest and stay alone. Such personal territory is necessary for them. Children have to know: if the favourite having a tail looks at them from height of some case – it is normal. It means that it does not need the company now (even such pleasant as them) so to touch and the more so it is not necessary to save a cat. If, of course, on behavior of an animal it is not obvious that it also would like to get down and cannot.

Cats in general animals timid. From the same dogs and children they sometimes not only have a rest, but also hide. Even in house conditions. What to tell about street cats. For them to get above – sometimes the only way to feel in safety.

the Way to show the status

Cats, as well as at dogs, have a hierarchy. To get above – a great way to show who in the house the owner. The one who looks down on all and has an opportunity to survey the possession! And this principle is relevant both for domestic cats, and for street. Sometimes stay on the highest point among the others is enough to prevent the fights connected with status disagreements.

Physical exercises

They are necessary for good physical and mental health of any animal. Cats – they as children, they like to run, jump, frolic. And, of course, to clamber – the higher, the better.

production Tracing

Cat though small, but predator. Domestic cats do not need to get to themselves livelihood independently, but even at them at the genetic level the hunter's instinct does not disappear anywhere. From above behind potential production it is convenient to observe and take it unawares easier.

Such relatives of a domestic cat as leopards, wear out the caught production on a tree that nobody prevented them to enjoy a meal.

It is possible to hide from enemies

Thanks to a shelter above a cat notice the bringing closer predator or a hostile cat in time. In a dangerous situation the cat manages to escape or prepare for the attack.

And if the cat's tree is close to a wall, then it excludes a possibility of attack from a back. In the open air cats also often choose heights which limit a possibility of attack from an ambush.

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