• Jan 13, 2020
City and countrymen sometimes cannot understand each other. One of stumbling blocks – the attitude towards animals.
Citizens often do not understand
why chicken is more valuable than a dog

Fight of the city and village?

"City" are terrified that life of a dog costs less life of chicken, and "rural" cannot understand why to Doggy the personal hairdresser.

However, division into "city" and "village" is very conditional. It is not the residence. Moreover, it concerns not only Belarus and even not only the former Soviet Union – that is, the reason and not in mentality. The question is natural: and in what then? Spoiler: definitely not in love …

Maslou's Pyramid

the Psychologist Abraham Maslou once constructed a pyramid of our requirements, having distributed them from the basis to a top. If the "lower", basic requirements (breath, hunger, thirst, the any house, personal security) are not satisfied, about top there cannot be a speech.
Maslou's Pyramid still anybody not отменял

you will Be able to enjoy, for example, a fascinating conversation if it was impatient in a toilet? And unless to you prior to a performance or the book if the fire alarm worked? It is unlikely.

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