• Oct 21, 2019
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of the Photo of lovely cats on the Internet and many people sincerely are surprised, having learned that, according to signs, cats should not be photographed at all. Owners of animals at whom many pictures of their favourites collected just do not understand from where similar superstitions undertook and whether they under themselves though have some scientific explanations. In article we will tell about whether it is possible to photograph a cat.

Why on Signs It Is Impossible to Photograph Cats

What exist signs

With the advent of art of photography arose several signs connected with the ban on certain actions at once. For example, it is impossible to photograph the image in a mirror and also the non-Christian child or the dead and the person lying in a coffin. The ban on photography of cats belongs to the same category.

Superstitious people claim that in eyes at the cat depicted in the photo it is possible to see own death and it can reduce life expectancy of the person considerably.

Exists also other version of this sign saying that photographing the pet, his power engineering specialist can break seriously.

It is connected with the fact that some psychics believe that in each photo there is a part of soul of the person depicted on it or an animal.

But if frequent photography cannot cause to people serious damage, then for cats with their weaker power, long photoshoots can be the reason of emergence of serious problems with health.

As appeared signs about a photo of cats

These signs are connected with the fact that the cat's look long since was considered as mystical. It seemed to people that, looking in eyes of a cat, they kind of look in the other world. Cats, as we know, differ in freedom-loving and independent temper, they like to walk at night, and their eyes besides also glow in the dark, bewitching and hypnotizing.

Besides cats are very sensitive to changes of power in the house and, according to esotericists, can see the thin world and entities inhabiting it.

Why the animal view of photos is considered especially dangerous? The matter is that in the picture the pet's look as a rule, is directed straight on the person looking at the photo, so, according to superstitious people, represents a peculiar portal to the parallel world that can cause serious damage to power of people.

C to cats is connected so many national signs also because these animals in old times were considered as invariable companions of witches and sorcerers, and, so and were related to evil spirit to which, allegedly, their owners contacted.

According to Slavic mythology, in a cat the brownie when it needs to seem for some reason to people often addresses, for example, in case of need to give them some important information.

And in medieval Europe cats, especially black, even burned on fires, considering that that also can send on people of a trouble and misfortune, jinxing them by means of the hypnotizing look. People especially were afraid of black cats, believing that under the guise of such animal the demon serving the sorcerer or the sorcerer can disappear.

That veterinarians think of photography of the pet

Veterinarians hold the opinion that it is indeed better not to photograph cats, only, certainly, explain it not with the mystical, but physiological reasons:

  • the flashlight temporarily blinds a cat, and at too frequent fotografirovaniye of the pet can become the reason of deterioration in sight because of injury of a retina. In hard cases business can even end with a total blindness of an animal;
  • a photoshoot for a cat — a serious stress. These animals do not love special attention and try to avoid stay in the big companies even of people familiar to them;
  • quite often to record a cat in the pose, most suitable for the picture, owners resort to coercion, and it also irritates the pet and does it irritable.

of Attempt to photograph a cat can end with serious pokusa and scratches at its owners or at their assistants if for fixing of an animal cause it discomfort, for example, accidentally having pressed down it.

How to avoid these risks? For this purpose it is necessary to follow several simple rules of a photoshoot, safe for cats:

  • to choose a right moment. It is the best of all to photograph an animal when it has a rest after a meal. The fed cat becomes lazier and quiet, and therefore, it is less than the probability that she will begin to resist in the first attempt to make the picture;
  • for receiving an effective pose of a cat use a game method. Draw attention of the pet by means of any toy or delicacy, and after the end of a photoshoot surely praise a cat for patience;
  • do not photograph a cat in places, unfamiliar for it. In this case the animal will be nervous for certain;
  • send a flashlight up, but not to the pet's eyes. If there is an opportunity, then it is better to do without it in general;
  • do not photograph too little kittens who opened only recently eyes as their retina is especially sensitive to bright light.

And what to do in case you want to photograph a cat, but you are afraid that strangers can maleficiate her? You can photograph the fluffy favourite, but then keep pictures only in the house and do not show them to foreign people.

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