• Aug 13, 2019

Dolphins – some of the most unusual animals. Their intelligence is so developed that dolphins are called "people of the sea", and in India they were even brought out of the list of animals, having recognized as persons. Many people love dolphins more than other animals. However whether such love does well to dolphins?

 Delfina jump in the sea of a photo

On a photo: dolphins. Photo: google.by

Why people love dolphins?

There is a lot of reasons of love of people to dolphins.

One of them as I already mentioned, fantastically developed intelligence of these beings.

Dolphins also very beautiful and graceful creations which it is pleasant to watch. Dolphins quickly swim, make delightful jumps from water and often accompany the ships that cannot but flatter people – it seems that the flock of sea inhabitants sees off them, wishing good luck.

The dolphins living at liberty often come to communicate to people.

And still it seems as if all of them time smile.

Social life of dolphins something is similar to ours, at the same time they extremely developed mutual aid. The wounded dolphin not only is not thrown, but also, podnyrivy under him, lift to a water surface that "hurting" could inhale oxygen – dolphins, as well as we, breathe air. And females create communes to care for newborn cubs.

Dolphins have own language which includes as gesticulation (jumps and touches), and verbal expression (a creak and a twitter).

Dolphins are friendly and peaceful. They remember relatives if meet them after long separation, and grieve when someone from relatives dies.

Delfina are similar to us in the physiological plan. Both they, and we we breathe lungs, we have four-chamber heart and a brain, almost identical on weight. Besides, dolphins, as well as we – mammal and warm-blooded beings. There is a version that we with them once had the general ancestor.

Sometimes the love of people to dolphins is so big that weddings will be organized …! Such wedding was held on the Dolphin reef once – the Englishwoman who came to help to look after dolphins, so became attached to one that decided to marry it. Certainly, the wedding ceremony was comic, but, as we know, in each joke …

And here one of dogs managed to become the member of the family of dolphins. Did not pass day that the dog by the name of the Joker did not resort on the Dolphin reef to communicate to dolphins by means of bark and to swim for a while with them. Once the dog disappeared – as it became clear, she by mistake got into the unfamiliar car, and it was taken away for 100 kilometers. Dolphins so began to miss that some refused to eat. Also it was necessary to send the whole command for search of the Joker! When the dog was found, she was taken at the staff by families of dolphins and allocated a ration.

 Delphine smiles to a photo

On a photo: dolphin. Photo: google.by

Why the love of people "backfires" to dolphins?

Unfortunately, people are often insatiable and selfish in manifestations of the love. And to have a possibility of continuous access to dolphins, they created such disgusting thing as dolphinariums.

Than dolphinariums are bad, you ask? The shortest answer: all! Because in them there is nothing good at all.

Laura Beloivan – the writer, the artist, the director of the Center of rehabilitation of marine mammals writes about it much. In numerous interviews she calls dolphinariums business which should be equated to a drug traffic, a kidneping and a slave trade.

Unfortunately, the smile of a dolphin played a dirty trick with these animals. Yes, it seems that all of them time smile, so, they are fine. Actually, it just the structure of jaws, and in bondage to dolphins, alas, not to smiles.

Present to
that you are forever locked in the close camera where there are no entertainments unless the psychotherapist (the dolphin trainer) sometimes comes. And, of course, poor dolphins if the trainer a little responsible, willingly communicate with him – it though any variety and intellectual occupation in their gloomy life. And even training is better, than loneliness and boredom. But whether it makes dolphins happy? Very doubtfully.

In the nature dolphins float huge distance – in pools they feel as fish in bank with water. And whatever "conditions" to them were created, the difference will be only as between prison and a concentration camp – that is it is very bad or insufferably bad. But if the person out of prison at least has a chance to go, then dolphins, alas, are doomed to a life sentence, and without any fault from their party.

Even if the dolphinarium is ideal, life expectancy of a dolphin is small. And if water dirty and food bad, they perish even quicker.

People very much love dolphins. Whether it is good from it to dolphins – a big question …

 Delfina in the sea of a photo

On a photo: dolphins. Photo: google.by

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