• Dec 24, 2018

Long before Yury Gagarin made the first flight, people did not know how the live organism can react to the conditions which are outside the atmosphere. Modern society during an era of the developed technologies, rockets and the other equipment for flights does not understand why send animals to space. It is the simple need allowing to understand how the human body is capable to function, being in the extraterrestrial atmosphere.

Cat in a Space Suit

Cat in Space

Yury Gagarin was the first person who mastered space. After it more than five hundred astronauts left Earth.

But it occurred after that, as mankind mastered the Universe .

When flights only began, scientists did not know yet whether living beings can survive in the extraterrestrial atmosphere why they sent animals to space.

It helped to find out

, as far as the person is capable to exist in the conditions of space .

for several decades the possibility of survival in space was checked on:

Why Animals Are Sent to Space

  • cats;
  • dogs;
  • monkeys;
  • chimpanzee;
  • rats.

So extreme experiments helped with development of innovative technologies , necessary for development of the unearthly atmosphere.

In addition, similar researches allowed to regard risks of serious consequences of long stay of live organisms in airless пространстве.

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