• Nov 8, 2018

Why Periodically or Constantly the Cat Sneezes to Each owner cat's happened to be observed more than once how the cat sneezes. Looks, of course, funny, but it is necessary to pay attention to that how often it does it and to look narrowly at behavior of the pet whether his any else symptoms disturb. If the cat sneezes periodically, then there are no reasons for concern. But if it happens often, besides the pet constantly scratches a nose and at it eyes, therefore this catarrhal disease or allergic reactions water.

House allergens

The reasons why the cat sneezes, can be different, for example, an allergy — often found disease at domestic cats, especially at thoroughbred. It can arise as reaction of the immune system to substance of an inoculation or to other medicine. To remove an allergy attack, it is necessary to enter an injection of antihistamine and not to apply the medicine which caused reaction. It is more difficult to cure the disease caused by house allergens. The cavity of a nose of the pet is extremely subject various irritating factor. the Attack can provoke such sources:

  1. House Allergens Household chemicals. After application in the apartment of means for cleaning the cat can have a lachrymation and repeated sneezing. In this case it is necessary to exclude use of chemical substances.
  2. Toilet water and spirits. It is necessary to apply accurately perfume with saturated resistant aroma, otherwise there will be a heavy allergic reaction at the pet.
  3. Cigarette smoke has negative effect on the respiratory system of cats. Pitches and toxic poisons render irritant action on mucous a cat's nose.
  4. The congestion of dust and dust pincers can also cause reaction. Especially big congestion occurs in the house where there are a lot of carpets, fabric jewelry or products of artificial wool. All this collects in itself dust and badly gives in to cleaning.
  5. Mold. This allergen is inherent in old houses in which the increased humidity of air, and long time repair was not carried out. Mouldy walls of the house can cause not only an attack of an allergy but also disease of bodies of a respiratory system.
  6. The ornamental plants which are especially blossoming. Cats can eat flowers and get also food poisonings. But the major irritating factor causing sneezing and rhinitis is pollen.

of the Flea and bugs, living in a woolen cover of a cat. The toxins produced by insects cause the strongest allergic reaction. Cats begin to sneeze and scratch continuously.

Infectious diseases

The cat often sneezes for the reason not only allergic reaction, but also in connection with other possible violations in an organism. For example, the cold which is well responding to treatment. It is possible to cope with it if in due time to notice symptoms.

The Cat Often Sneezes

If the cat strongly sneezed, then infection with more dangerous disease, a viral or fungal infection is possible. First of all not imparted cats whose immunity badly resists to pathogenic microorganisms are exposed to these diseases. Kot sneezes for the reasons:

  1. Cat's herpes . Except continuous sneezing, at this disease the cat has a cold, purulent brown allocations. Kittens and individuals give in to this infection more 14 years as immunity at them very weak are more senior.
  2. Distemper . A disease from which also the imparted, and not imparted animals suffer. The cat can be saved if an infection not in the started form. Symptoms of a distemper is a sneezing, allocations from a nose, weakness, lack of appetite. With such symptoms independently the animal is dangerous to treat medicines therefore it is better to consult with the veterinarian.
  3. Kaltsiviroz Kaltsiviroz . The most dangerous infectious disease, which besides infectious. Except cold and sneezing, the mouth (language and all mucous) becomes covered by the small ulcers preventing to eat normally and besides high temperature rises.
  4. Clamidiosis . The beginning of a disease is followed by severe conjunctivitis, sneezing, is frequent with blood allocations from a nose. The infection is especially dangerous to kittens of a sick pregnant cat as they are exposed to pathology too. Having been born, these kids live not for long.
  5. Bordetellez . The disease weakening the immune system. The cat starts anew to sneeze, cough, there is cold, eyes from which pus is emitted inflame. Then because of weak immunity of a cat are exposed to other diseases which are quickly destroying an organism. All breeds cat's, irrespective of age are subject to this infection.

Cat's flu on symptoms reminds human: high temperature, sneezing, cold with purulent allocations. The disease hard responds to treatment. Usually not imparted kittens about one year do not carry this infection. Even adult cats not all recover, there are complications.

Other reasons of sneezing at cats

What to do when the cat often sneezes, it is possible to understand, having tracked communication between a sneeze and smells of perfume, cigarette smoke, the irritating chemicals, owing to dust content of the room, to exclude infectious diseases if the cat is healthy. Sneezing at wards can appear also for the reasons of noninfectious character:

  1. Bad hygiene of a mouth. If teeth gave in to rotting process, in a mouth of a cat there is a strong irritation. She badly eats, sneezes, coughs, salivation appears.
  2. Toys with Small Elements Toys with small elements: beads, sequins, etc. Objects can get to respiratory bodies, at the same time the cat will sneeze, and from a nose to be emitted slime. It is necessary to address the veterinarian for extraction of a subject.
  3. Cancer. If airways are captured by a disease, the cat will sneeze, and from a nasal cavity blood slime will begin to be emitted.
  4. Asthma. It is a consequence of the postponed diseases. At this state cats constantly sneeze, breath is complicated.
  5. Stings of fleas, gadflies, mosquitoes cause sneezing, the naggers.

At infection with helminths needs periodically to give to a cat helminthics. The danger of a disease is that it is rather difficult to reveal it in an organism. If worms affected a cardiac muscle, usual tablets not to bring them.

Treatment of animals

To get rid of an allergy, it is necessary to observe certain time a cat, to examine his favourite places, to pay attention to food. Then it is possible to define what causes an allergy. It can be a forage — dry or damp, any grade of meat, vegetables.

The Medicine Loratadin for Cats If the reason is found, it is necessary to isolate a cat from allergen and to give it means of antihistaminic action, such as Loratadin or Tavegil on half-tablets two times a day. Funds are well withdrawn by symptoms.

At a catarrhal disease not to release on the street. For simplification of breath and elimination of sneezing to wash out to a cat a nose tampons from cotton wool and water. Then to fill up a little in a nasal cavity streptocide to kill bacteria. For strengthening of immunity to give vitamins.

the Veterinary science recommends to treat by means of Fosprenil. The cat will cease to sneeze as soon as the nasal way is cleared.

Through sneezing, caused by an infection, treatment it is carried out under observation of the expert with which it is regularly necessary to consult every 3 day. If the state of health of an animal worsens, it is placed on hospital treatment.

For prevention to watch that it was indoors clean, to exclude small objects from cat's games, it is regular through certain time to give helminthics. If to show consideration for the pets, there will be no such symptoms as cough, sneezing, cold and also more dangerous diseases accompanying of

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