• Aug 13, 2019

in far 1789 the English philosopher and professor of the right Jeremy (Jeremiah) Bentam, arguing on admissible and inadmissible in relation to animals, wrote what is unimportant whether they are able to argue or talk. It is important that they are able to feel. And it has to become criterion at making decision on how to treat animals.

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However still though for many people the thought that animals, at least, such as dogs, cats and horses, are fully allocated with feelings and emotions seems obvious, still there are those who treat animals as to cars, tools or apparatuses. And only rather recently scientists recognized that animals – the feeling creations which know what is pain, fear, a stress and also happiness, joy and pleasure. And what it it is important to consider if we think of their wellbeing.

Animals play a huge role in our life. And not only as partners. All spheres of our own wellbeing depend on them: they provide food, draft force, are used for testing of medicines, do clothes of them. In addition, they participate in sports competitions, provide us protection and just do our life better .

But, despite a huge role of animals in our life, conditions and quality of their life often do not maintain any criticism. Whether it is honest in relation to them? Whether people can call themselves by a look the Homo sapiens if they so treat those without whom cannot still do and on whom so depend?

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Eventually as told Templ Grandin even if we use animals (and we cannot refuse it so far), we have no right to torment them.

The wellbeing of animals matters. It is important – at least in order that we rightfully could call ourselves People.

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