• Aug 14, 2019

Work of office of .ru "will be paralyzed" nearly an every day by invasion of four-footed guests: dogs, cats, hedgehogs, and even monkeys!

 the monkey sits on a table  a white Swiss sheep-dog at office
 a bald cat a sphinx on a desktop Some of animals accompany with

the owners, heroes of our interviews, but there are also constant "employees" — for example, the ideological inspirer of the project a red dachshund of Mon.

 the dachshund sits in drawings

We asked a question: how does presence of animals influence work? Also began to look for information on this occasion. For example, results of researches. Also were not too surprised, having learned that such researches were conducted. One of them was carried out by the Mars Petcare company. They interviewed 1200 employees (from privates to heads) the most different American companies and found out that presence of pets at office influences work of employees very positively.

 the staff of office with dachshunds
B than the positive effect consisted?
  • Morale of respondents improved.

  • Stress level decreased.

  • The balance between work and private life was reached.

  • The loyalty in relation to the company increased.

  • the Sense of guilt caused by need to abandon an animal of the house alone decreased.

 a griffon sits on hands

as a result the conclusion was drawn: an animal at office to be! And Monya we admit a dachshund to staff.

 writes with a pencil on paper

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