• Jan 29, 2021

Almost each owner of an animal is sure that the pet well influences his life. But as actually animals influence on us and our wellbeing? What is told about it by scientists? And why to you it is necessary to make a canine, feathery or scaly friend? Well, or at least aquarium.

Australian Shepherd and Woman Photo Tricks
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As communication with animals influences people

Animaloterapiya can effectively reduce feeling of loneliness at patients hospitals, inhabitants of shelters and nursing homes. (Banks, 2002).

People with the beginning hypertension can reduce pressure when take animals with for work. (Allen, K. 2001).

Elderly people – owners of animals address doctors less, than those, at who animal is not present. During inspection of 100 patients it was revealed that even the most unfortunate owners of dogs 21% more rare see doctors, than those, at whom there are no dogs. (Siegel, 1990).

Level of daily activity (ADL) of elderly people who have no animals, is much lower, than at owners of animals. (Raina, 1999).

Elderly people – owners of animals cope with a stress better, not seeing doctors. (Raina, 1998).

At owners of animals blood pressure is lower. (Friedmann, 1983, Anderson 1992).

At owners of animals cholesterol level is lower (Anderson, 1992).

Communication with animals can reduce risk of heart attack in a case psychological stress at patients hypertensive persons who accept Lizinopril. (Allen, 1999).

Communication with animals (especially dogs) helps children to endure serious disease or death of the parent (Raveis, 1993).

Owners of animals are afraid less to fall a victim of the criminal when walk with a dog or she is at home. (Serpel, 1990).

Owners of animals have less insignificant problems with health (Friedmann, 1990, Serpel, 1990).

At owners of animals the psychological health is better (Serpel, 1990).

Communication with animals develops care in children who will become more careful adults (Melson, 1990).

Owners of animals have more chances to endure heart attack and to avoid its repetition (Friedman, 1980, 1995).

Medical costs are reduced on average from $3.80 for the patient a day up to $1:18 on the patient in day in those nursing homes in New York, Missouri and Texas, where is a plant and animals. (Montague, 1995).

Animals in nursing homes increase level social and verbal interactions in addition to other treatment. (Fick, 1992).

At owners of animals the physical state thanks to occupations improves with animals. (Serpel, 1990).

Communication with an animal can reduce heart attacks mortality rate for 3%. It makes about 30.000 saved lives annually (Friedman, 1980).

Dogs – means of prevention and fight against a daily stress (Allen, 1991).

Animals reduce feeling of loneliness and isolation (Kidd, 1994).

The children included in humanitarian educational programs show higher level of empathy in relation to people, in comparison with children, not involved in such programs. (Ascione, 1992).

The self-assessment of children raises at communication with animals. (Bergensen, 1989).

Intellectual development of children improves owing to communication with animals. (Poresky, 1988).

70% of participants of a research note that their families became happier from the moment of acquisition of animals. (Cain, 1985).

Presence of a dog during medical examination of the child reduces level distress. (Nadgengast, 1997, Baun, 1998).

Children is owners of animals are involved in such types of activity more as sport, hobby, clubs or chorus. (Melson, 1990).

The children interacting with animals on the first year of life suffer from allergic less often rhinitises and asthma. (Hesselmar, 1999).

Children with autism show more pro-social behavior less autichesky, such as leaving in. (Redefer, 1989).

Children who have animals show much higher level empathy is also prosotsialno focused, than those who have no animals. (Vidovic, 1999).

Animals perform a set of the same supporting functions, as people, for adults and children. (Melson, 1998).

People with AIDS who have animals suffer from a depression and a stress less.

Animals as the main source of support increase ability to cope with vital difficulties. (Siegel, 1999, Carmack, 1991).

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