• Aug 13, 2019

Many do not even think that, buying a down-padded coat or a woolen thing, support animals abuse. Why it is impossible to call use of down, feathers, wool and silk ethic and whether there is an exit – for people and for animals?

Why use of wool is unethical?

It would seem what bad is in wool use? Animals are just cut, not killed, and it has to be quite humane. But everything is not as simple as can seem.

 Sheep of breed merino of a photo

On a photo: sheep of breed merino. Photo: pxhere.com

First, the procedure of a hairstyle in itself of sheep and goats is most often held quite cruelly. Animals are beaten, thrown against a floor, deafened, and in process leave wounds, sometimes quite serious. The main thing there – speed, but not wellbeing of animals. The Guardian, as well as PETA, materials about cruelty and violation of the rights of animals published during a hairstyle more than once.

There are also less obvious problems which the majority does not guess.

For example, are far of a condition of keeping of animals from an ideal – and it is still very softly told. So, workers of the ranch often cut off pieces of skin (I acquire) from a back part of legs and a back of merinos to avoid infection with flies. Quite often already during the procedure animals perish from painful shock, and later – from tetanus.

Animals are fattened to strong degree of obesity, the bigger quantity of folds gives more wool. And it negatively affects health of animals.

And at the age of 2 – 3 years more than 6,000,000 sheep from Australia send in close closets where sheep cannot normally eat, not to mention impossibility to move, to the countries of Asia and Africa to slaughter. The long travel is maintained by not everyone, but also the fate of those who live up to arrival in the port of destination is unenviable.

The Angora rabbits on the Chinese farms on production of wool are supported in awful conditions, and after investigation of RETA on this subject many brands refused use of so unethical materials.

for ethical reasons refused use of wool the vegan, the Hollywood star Joaquin Phoenix.

Why use of silk is unethical?

Silk also belongs to materials which production is unethical.

Place eggs of a silkworm in special incubators, a certain humidity and temperature is maintained there. In 8 – 10 days there are larvae which transfer to a fodder whatnot, each of which contains several shelves tightened a small grid. On shelves mulberry leaves which eat caterpillars lie. After that the larva goes through some more stages of development, turning into a doll.

However, the majority of caterpillars do not live up to transformation into a doll. To receive silk thread, blow in them the ferry alive that has to be quite painful.

However, is ways to receive silk, without killing silkworms. Ethic silk a little less strong and more expensive.

Why use of feathers is unethical?

Feathers are widely used for jewelry, especially during carnivals. To people at the same time it is very cheerful, but whether cheerfully to birds?

The matter is that for receiving feathers of peacocks, ostriches, geese and pheasants often contain in bad conditions (in particular, in close closets) and pull out feathers from live birds. At the same time unfortunate are held by a neck, previously having tied legs, and ostriches are placed in close boxes.

On feelings process of plucking out of feathers reminds a vyryvaniye of shreds of hair, that is very painful. Anesthesia at the same time is not used.

However, gradually people refuse use of feathers, finding it an alternative – for example, in the form of the elements made of the processed plastic bottles.
 the goose watches in the photo camera

Photo: pexels.com

Why use of down is unethical?

Some think that down is extracted from nests of geese and ducks, without doing to birds of harm. However it not so.

White geese live in conditions which it is possible to call intolerable. However, they live not for long – months six. But during this time several times are exposed to tortures: from them pull out a feather and down. At the same time birds do not anesthetize, are not too soft and often break to them wings and paws. After the procedure birds have wounds.

Down is also pulled out from ducks who are grown up for production of foie gras , and in addition to terrible living conditions they still are exposed to tortures for the sake of down plucking out.

For stuffing of a small pillow one goose is necessary, and here for production of a down-padded coat it is required 2 – 3 unfortunate.

If down is collected ethically (it happens too), it it is surely mentioned. However, fortunately, now there are a lot of alternatives to down use, and do warm, light and comfortable clothes of them.

there Is an exit?

Of course, is! And can influence a situation each of us, demand forms the offer. And the more people choose ethic products, the quicker producers should refuse cruelty for the sake of profit.

There is an ethic cotton and ethic silk, wound, tenset, pith materials, use of the processed plastic bottles (for example, from them make bathing suits), hemp, linen and many others.

Certainly to use only ethic products now it is still difficult. However it is possible to be not indifferent, to look for information and in process of forces to influence that this world became better.

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