• Oct 28, 2020

Alas, even to it, perhaps, was refused to the most tender, gentle, vulnerable, careful and charming guy from a shelter. To Tash the former owners, more precisely his family in which he believed to the last brought, but was not to avoid treachery. The reason is simple.
Married couple very long fought in attempts to bring children. The whole eight years flew by before eyes of the man and woman, literally fixated on a treasured thought to become parents. At first, when this "first attempt at writing" was unsuccessful, couple not strongly was upset, relaxed and decided to direct all not given away love to a pet. Got a golden retriever. He precisely will always reciprocate.


Так also left. Tasha poll in full love and cares to family. He just got used to it and, in comparison with present neighbors, was simply spoiled by such good relation to himself, reciprocated, was able to love. But time sorted things out, more precisely to Tosh, once loved by all hearts of the former owners, put on an equal basis with the thrown, betrayed, thrown out pets toys.


Ретривер was only the so-called demoversion of family. When it was necessary, it filled internal space and closed need of people for love. And when those at last successfully became parents, the trial version of the member of household in the form of infinitely devoted, looking immense love in the face pet, was not necessary any more. Played, used, bothered, found replacement — on a wastebasket, to be exact, in a shelter. Now Tosha is perplexed exactly there why he was thrown in what he was mistaken and where his fault in the incident.
If, having read this story, your heart was filled with desire to prove to Toshe the return, he will be glad to support, with the last bit of strength tries to lift the self-assessment and to understand that it is necessary for the person from the pet even if from it, almost ideal, refused … too

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