• Jan 24, 2020

to the Thrown Tofi's taksyonysh looked for overexposure, and found the house.

Photo: instagram.com/taksa_help_rb

Photo: instagram.com/taksa_help_rb

The dog needed to be saved urgently. Information on Tofi, the thrown young taksyonysh, transferred to volunteers of the Minsk group of the help to dachshunds. The kid was in other city. He some time sat about an entrance of one of houses in Brest. Probably, owners left, and with themselves did not take it. For a doggie not indifferent people built the box, but nobody decided to borrow Tofi to himself at least.

Having learned about Tofi and having presented what to the "bald" kid to live on a frost, the Minsk team of the help to dachshunds right there began to act. Posts about urgent overexposure and search of the vehicle for transportation of a dog from Brest to Minsk posted in groups in social networks.

Overexposure was quickly. And when the people ready to deliver valuable freight having a tail to Minsk appeared, their services were not necessary any more. Sergey's family which volunteered to shelter "for a while" Tofi refused to give it. And in general it turned out that without dachshund these people do not represent more life!

Photo: instagram.com/taksa_help_rb

Here what meetings take place before New year! Here such happen miracles! Let in New year of similar stories will be more that all thrown and forgotten tails found the warm cozy house.

Happiness to the kid Tofi and his new family!

And we will trust further in miracles.

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