• Feb 6, 2019

Human history knows a set of examples of how animals directly interfered with its course in one way or another. They changed the course of events, interfered with wars or, on the contrary, kindled them. The animals who changed history helped with treatment and at the same time infected with the most dangerous diseases.

The Animals Who Changed History

Saviors of mankind

Many brothers smaller left so strong positive memoirs in memory of people that legends about them reached us since ancient times. Of course, there are also animals — our contemporaries who helped people not less heroic. K that who helped mankind so considerably that forever remained in the history can be carried:

Roman Geese

  • of the Roman geese . They helped to stand the huge empire. Already at dawn of the power (the 4th century BC) Rome could finish the existence. At that time the city was besieged by hordes of Gauls. Considering that the main part of the Roman legionaries was in military campaigns, on guards of native walls there were very few soldiers. Attackers found a hole in city walls and if not a loud laughter of the geese living nearby at Juno's temple they could crush the sleeping city. But thanks to birds they did not manage it.
  • Dolly the sheep . Thanks to a genetic experiment with a lamb scientists could prove a possibility of cloning up to the end. It became the last step before cloning of people.
  • of Coherent pigeons, providing communication during war . Little brave birds flied with important documents even being hard wounded.
  • the Sheep-dog — the fighter against terrorism . In capture of the most terrible world terrorist specially trained sheep-dog of a malinu was directly involved. Even the military authorities recognized that without an animal brave, clever and selflessly devoted to the instructor operation would not be so successful.

Sheep-dog — the Fighter against Terrorism

the Animals who brought the evil

But not all our brothers smaller are so favorable to people. Emergence of some of them brought a lot of grief and ruin.

treat animals who, on the contrary, brought a negative to the world:

Rats Who Brought Plague to Europe.

  • Rats who brought plague to Europe. The rodents who destroyed Europe became the first animals who destroyed a social system of mankind. Because of them the nice era of the Middle Ages sank Into oblivion. Europeans knew of terrible "black death" only by hearsay until plague did not get to them together with rats who, in turn, came by the ships with spices from Asia. Millions of inhabitants of Europe died terrible death. The European countries fell into decay.
  • A monkey because of whom the Greek king Alexander I died. The monkey bit it, and that it died soon from blood poisoning.
  • The pig who became a cause of death of the king Philip Krasivy. Her fault is indirect — an animal simply jumped out under legs of a horse of the king, that was frightened, reared and dumped the horseman who died of injuries, incompatible with life subsequently.

The Pig Who Became a Cause of Death of the King Philip Krasivy.

Fortunately, animals who helped people is, much more, than harmed it.

Lists can be continued almost continuously.

It is necessary to treat more attentively the brothers surrounding us smaller.

Who knows, maybe, one of them is fated to save the world once again.

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