• Jan 24, 2020

of Story about rescue of animals always leave a warm print on heart and strengthen belief in good.

Here and history of Fedya, metis huskies-likes-malamutes, raises a sincere smile and joy for a dog who found such desired house.
Photo: instagram.com/super.sobaka
its way to happy life began near rural shop near which it lay, having curled up, with a chain on a neck. All pain and despair of a dog was given by his look: the look in which hope sparks gradually die away and succeeds them such terrible humility before the fate. It seemed that everything is already predetermined and it is necessary just to wait for the end.
But people with kind heart from a shelter "the Super Dog" did not allow a dog to lose hope and faith, having taken it on overexposure.
Life in the house revealed Fedya from the amazing party: he was the cheerful and kind dog rejoicing any trifle. Friendly and talkative — the words which are completely describing a dog who could find approach to each dog (he is at odds with cats) and which likes "to pobubnet", expressing the point of view.
Photo: instagram.com/super.sobaka
On overexposure it with might and main entertained itself(himself) the fallen in love ball and elicited such favourite delicacy — the small basket cake, even without suspecting that soon on its street there will come the most real holiday!
When already seemed that nobody is ready to take Fedya in the house, but not in the yard as a hunting dog, the loving family was! Family which took in the house of the big good-natured person and presented it all the love!
Photo: instagram.com/super.sobaka

Miracles are not a single action in honor of New year. Ourselves can create them, it is only necessary to look around and be ready to give the warmly needing it!

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