• Nov 8, 2019

Comfortable stay with a cat depends on his character. Any kitten is not born ideal, accustomed to a tray and with exclusively useful habits. What is acceptable in education and that is not present, it is in general clear: it is impossible to raise a hand against a cat, you should not shout and stamp legs. Such measures will only harden an animal and will enter into a stressful state. Try to develop at a cat intelligent habits in the ways described in our article.

Without manhandling: as it is correct to punish a cat that he understood

to Sprinkle

from a spray

The vast majority of cats does not love water. If the pet is going to violate rules. for example to sharpen claws about wall-paper or to jump on a table, just sprinkle it water from a spray. Only it is not necessary to pour out the whole bucket of water on a cat – to puff in a muzzle rather a little. From the first the educational measure can not work. However, having repeated action several times, you fix a reflex at the pet. He will understand what actions involve unpleasant "bathing", and will avoid them.

to Frighten a loud sound

From hooligan actions of cats well otvazhivat a loud sound. Throw something on a floor, clap, sharply hail your pet. Your action is intended to frighten an animal. But for a long time you should not shout at it – the cat will think that there is with you something not so, or you do not love it any more and will be depressed.

to Take by the scruff and to nashipet

on it

It is possible to talk to an animal in his language. Try to take it by the scruff and to nashipet on it. Only previously hold for withers to save the person from scratches – you never know as the cat will react to such unexpected attack of the owner.

"cannot be Told and to move a forefinger directly before his eyes

It did not turn out to talk catlike, express in native Russian. Cats are rather clever to understand a word it "is impossible". If you support words with the movement of a finger at a cat's nose, you will be understood precisely. Animals do not love when manipulations near a muzzle are made, the protection instinct works at once.

Bring up the pet consistently. If today on a table it is possible to jump, and tomorrow not, the animal will not draw the correct conclusions and can get neurosis. Before punishing, be convinced that you do right thing. For example, if the cat is not castrated, he cannot but mark the apartment. Or release him to walk, or you suffer. There are also isolated cases of violation of hygiene at obedient animals. In this case at first it is necessary to find out in what a problem. Perhaps, you are guilty because you did not remove a tray in time. It is possible and not to bring the matter to punishment if to be the attentive and loving owner. Never forget to encourage a cat.

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