• Jan 22, 2020

Whatever tails got to the volunteer Alexander from Nizhnevartovsk, practically all of them find families. And people from the different countries of the world learn about sad stories of doggies.

We wrote more than once about Alexander, the improbable person from Nizhnevartovsk. Thanks to it tens of homeless tails found the loving families. Here, really, volunteering – its calling. Sasha presents stories of the wards (whatever awful they were) always beautifully. He has talent to get to fall in love people with animals. And it is a unique gift.

Approach to the choice of new owners at Alexander extraordinary: creative, touching and always serious. Not so long ago we told our readers about tramp Tuzike who reached Germany and also about snow-white puppy of Umke who flew away to Novorossiysk.

Quite recently new owners were found by wonderful Bonya. The baby with impurity of blue blood of a spaniel was a foundling.

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Photo: instagram.com/yuliya11.03.1981

Once it was found left at an entrance. Many people in Nizhnevartovsk know about Sasha's abilities to find to unnecessary tails of family. Here and for the solution of fate of Bonnie addressed it.

But how it is possible to refuse such miracle?

puppy, sofa, pet, house Photo: instagram.com/yuliya11.03.1981

Alexander learned that the puppy was born in his native settlement of Izluchinsk (it near Nizhnevartovsk), Bonya was attached in family. But soon the baby did not become necessary. Probably, was too playful. Did not cope with mischief of a tail and left Bonya at an entrance.

Sasha took away Bonya already from overexposure. It was fascinated by her cute appearance, mind, ingenuity. The doggie pleased the volunteer. Subscribers of its profile in Instagram in comments wrote more than once about external similarity of the person and a doggie.

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Photo: instagram.com/sobakafun

Also are, however, similar! How do you find?

Did not hurry to look for family for Bonnie Sasha. Posted a photo of a dog, amusing videos with her participation in social nets. Persons interested to take away a puppy were. By the criteria conducted only to Alexander a choice was made in favor of Yulia and Maxim from Moscow.

The bath departed to the capital. And her new owners counted up days to a meeting with future alumna.

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Photo: instagram.com/yuliya11.03.1981

The baby quickly accustomed to the new house, establishes in it the rules. Teaches Yulya to dim a sofa, for example, in a different way: it is very easy to pull together a cape from it.

Quickly Bonya with the elder brother, a golden retriever made friends. And now it is unknown which of them the bigger prankish – a puppy or an adult dog.

Yulya and Maxim share daily achievements of the favourite in social nets, be touched to her mischief and very much wait for the visit of Alexander who promised to visit them in the summer.

And we will watch further the volunteer's news from Nizhnevartovsk, to share with you those miracles which the Person is capable to create!

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