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Because of the wrong approach of former owners to crossing of a pony by the name of Tykovka was born the dwarf. The dwarfism caused problems with joints, the baby almost could not go.

Former owners had no means to help. Therefore they transferred Tykovka and her mother Tia to a farm shelter "Turn of destiny" (West-Grave, Pennsylvania, the USA).

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the Situation with Tykovki's joints was so serious that the hostess of a shelter Ashley began to doubt that it can be helped.

But we never give up, kind of people dissuaded us.

It became soon clear that Tykovka considers herself same, as well as her other relatives, and tries to behave the same as adults.

It just ball of fire. It is necessary to fall in love with her!

Very much the three-year-old son hostesses Digan and Tykovka made friends. Digan adores looking after, combing, sitting at her near her. They like to hang out together. Tia's mother pony was nervous a little in the beginning, but then got used that her daughter and Digan constantly together, and ceased to worry.

Digan does not consider that from Tykovkaya something is not right. He thinks that she — a big magic unicorn.

The hostess asked for the help experts who could make for a pony special brackets for legs.

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She hoped that then the horse will be able to walk more on the street and, maybe, even to run together with her son.

Doctor David Levin and Derek, the specialist in creation of artificial limbs for animals undertook to help Tykovke. Of course, all very well understood that their plan can not work.

After Ashley and Tykovk's measurements came back home. There they were waited by uneasy Tia — she for the first time was left without daughter for so long time, before they always were together.

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On a farm there lives one more pony, Syuzi who was taken away from the owners who were badly treating it. Ashley hoped that after Tykovka is able fully to move, she at last will present to Syuzi and it, and Tia.

Soon the master Derek arrived to a shelter for the first fitting. It became clear that brackets not really leave.

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was upset, it seemed to it that nothing will leave and Tykovke it is necessary to hobble until the end of life.

Derek promised that he will try to improve a design.

In several days it arrived again.

Every time, making an artificial limb for the next animal, he very strongly worries because animals different: not everyone is able to suffer and carry artificial limbs, not to mention that, how difficult these devices to create and adjust to their extremities.

In honor of Tykovka Derek painted brackets in color of pumpkin.

All with nervousness expected: whether artificial limbs will approach this time? Whether she will agree to carry them?

And here the moment of truth … came

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Tykovka not just went. She ran!

Ran all over the stable, then to mother. And later, together with Ashley and mother, went to the big world.

They with curiosity were watched by other inhabitants of a farm.

Nearby there were joyful Ashley and Digan: Digan always dreamed to run about from Tykovkaya competing in speed, and now his dream came true!

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He even said that he wants to himself such magic boots too.

The touched Derek told that for the sake of here such moments he also lives.

Tykovka was really happy, and all who watched her understood it.

There is more freedom, it is more than movement. And without pain!

In a month when the baby got used to brackets — and actually she looked forward when they to it are put on because it meant that she will go for a walk now — Ashley acquainted her and Tia with the third a pony, Syuzi.

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Tykovka was delighted! Ashley hopes that he will be able to lodge them in one room now.

All animals in a farm shelter "Turn of destiny" owners — because of their physical defects or consequences of injuries once refused. These are animals who are necessary to nobody any more.

And in "Turn of destiny" do everything possible to help and give the chance well to feel and live.

To be live.

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