• Oct 31, 2018

" Dreams come true!

of Bars and restaurant in Texas which has two points on the state suggests owners of pets to come for a dinner together with them.
the Dog can or sit together with the owner, or play in specially equipped platform while the owner has dinner or has coffee, watching the happy pet.
photo: people.com
to make sure that visitors in safety also do not miss declared restaurant enrollment in the team of the trainee for the fall.
What duties? To welcome visitors and to play with dogs the whole day. And all.
But on it news did not end: a training also paid! And not bad paid. In an hour the trainee will receive $100.
according to the founder of restaurant, an opportunity to receive money for a game with dogs is available not to everyone, and the restaurant very much waits for a meeting with the new trainee. It would seem, work has to can mean some additional duties, but it not so.
Everything is simple and transparent
, absolutely it is impossible to call this training difficult.
persons interested to try good luck have time till November 12. With the candidate who received the place, the restaurant will communicate personally and will report joyful news.
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