• Jan 21, 2020

of the Photographer-animal painter Steve Blum is considered by right the master in various fields of activity. It both writer, and video operator, and artist. Except all this, Blum is the talented photographer recognized by world community. Its pictures of animals is a saga about the world which is fine, dangerous and unique.

Steve Blum's homeland is Africa, exactly there he took the first steps. He was born on this continent in 1953. Remaining faithful to the homeland, Blum tells about life of its inhabitants by means of the photo.

Steve Blum's photos gained and gain huge recognition. Its exhibitions take place every year, and books are translated more than into 15 languages.

Being constantly in the movement, the photographer-animal painter never forgets that before starting shooting somewhere, it is important to study the area thoroughly. Blum always works together with the one to whom that place where there take place shootings is familiar. It says about professionalism of the photographer. By the way, the equipment which Blum – exclusively digital uses.

All equipment of Steve Blum can weigh in total 35 kilograms. At the same time in the course of shooting it is necessary to change lenses and to be constant on the alert. The result of this laborious work — magnificent photos of animals which Blum unites in books creates exhibitions.

One of such books by Steve Blum — "ELEPHANT!" This dedication to a monumental, huge animal — an elephant, it as a travel to the amazing kingdom, novel hitherto with such sensuality and accuracy. The geography of shootings of elephants stretched from Botswana to India.

In more than 100 pictures these animals are presented first of all as persons in the elephant world. In this book you will see also the furious males linked in a furious fight, both joy of motherhood of an elephant cow mother, and majestic bathing of an elephant.

Steve Blum fixes the present moments of life of the wild nature. He tells the truth, using the intuition. His words about what the photo is similar to music became a classical statement which is noted by all photographers, not only animal painters.

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