• Jan 15, 2020
"A dog a muzzle down" — the pose known to all in yoga bringing a lot of benefit to a body. And what if it dogs try to show?

Many shelters in the USA open ways of acquaintance to the lodgers of absolutely new format: yoga with puppies! Such occupations help not only to socialize kids, but also to try to find it the house.
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So, for example, one of shelters carried out recently Sunday yoga during which to fans of yoga an opportunity to work opened and at the same time to spend time with playful four-footed assistants.
yoga Coach Suzann delighted with this idea:
"It is very cheerful
– to come to the hall full of puppies, to play with them and to all this to work yoga. It gives to animals the chance to communicate to people, to get experience of social contact".

Besides it is a remarkable way to help to distribute information on the kids who are looking for the loving owner. And still it is an opportunity for puppies to cheerfully spend time out of sad rooms of a shelter.

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This idea is designed to break down a stereotype about shelters, as about cold impersonal institutions from which it is possible to save a dog. Classes in yoga allow kids to spend time cheerfully and carefree, regardless of that, will take away them home after them or not.

"We want to change
a view of people of shelters and charity animals. Often people think that the shelter is something sad and emotionally heavy. Therefore we try to change a view of how it is possible to take part in the help to dogs".
On ordinary occupation take part puppies aged up to 14 weeks. For them it is an opportunity to play and communicate to people. And for yogas – or just to work yoga in the fine company, or at all to choose a game with puppies instead of sport that too very good option.

After the hour occupation people feel vigorous, and puppies, on the contrary, it is healthy набегавшись, happy and tired. Some even fall asleep directly during yoga. And for special lucky day comes to an end with finding of the new owner.

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