• Jan 12, 2021

of Tim was really happy doggie. He loved the family sincerely, just like that, despite everything. And all that gave him him there passed the family, perceived for the benefit. Even without looking at the fact that Tim experienced difficulties with health. The last did not concern him at all. More precisely, he just suffered all burdens of life where what a difference something disturbed him.

Found in Tima крипторх, the teeth affected with a stone which terribly grew nails and rotting bringing wild pain of eyes which had to be removed subsequently. Tima's mistress brought to such terrible condition of the pet own hands. She considered that it is not obligatory to watch over health of a dog at all. The fact that it already took it in family feeds and walks — already the benefit and already the pet has to be grateful only for it to the woman.


Мы, of course, so we do not consider figcaption id="caption-attachment-30427". Yes, everyone looks after an animal, provides it owing to the opportunities, human and financial, but it does not mean at all that health of an animal needs to be ignored completely. Were engaged in a subject seriously. Removed an eye, cleaned teeth, and some also removed, processed nails, castrated. Now the guy in a full order also looks for the family. Look at handsome! He deserves to himself good!

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