• Aug 13, 2019

Many people talk to the pets: alone alone, and others do not hesitate of it and "in public". But some owners do not decide to talk to animals, considering that it is "abnormal". Whether normally to talk to animals?

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Why it is useful for people to talk to animals?

Scientists answer the question "whether normally to talk to animals?": "Yes, it is normal. And even … it is useful!" Moreover: the fact that you talk to a cat a dog, a horse or a guinea pig as with the person is sign of your high intelligence.

Scientists came to a conclusion that the aspiration to name other beings (and even to inanimate objects) and to communicate with them is an evolutionary feature of the person which allows us to distinguish friends and enemies.

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So you should not be confused if you on walk talk to a dog or you persuade a cat to behave "properly". The only thing — in communication with the pet do not forget nevertheless that they — not people, and do not demand from them impossible.

Why for animals it is useful when people talk to them and whether intelligent communication with pets is possible?

The answer to the first question is obvious. Animals to whom talk learn to understand better people and even distinguish sense of concrete words. Especially dogs succeeded in it, of course, . This ability developed in process domestication — wild relatives of our pets, alas, have no such abilities.

But dogs — not only to whom it is useful to talk. For example, horses often perfectly understand that is wanted by their owners.

And on the Internet there were even applications thanks to which it is possible to turn the human speech (the truth, so far only in English) into miaow. However, the question whether it is possible to communicate thus consciously with murlyka, still remains open as there is no scientific confirmation of value of similar inventions yet.

Nevertheless, inventors continue to undertake attempts to adjust dialogue with animals. For example, the Google company declared application creation where there is a menu with names of animals (a duck, a turtle, a horse, a pig, settled, etc.). Thanks to this application it is possible to write down "speech" of animals and then to translate it. However, after a razrabotchka admitted that it is only an April Fools' joke.

But how the nobility — it is possible, in the future we are waited by new opportunities — including a possibility of full dialogue with favourites? All these inventions precisely show our desire to communicate with them.

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