• Mar 9, 2020

As the community on protection of the rights of animals against such stories was tired! Perhaps, it is worth leading the conversation on introduction to the school and university program of a subject about mercy, kindness and care of dumb animals. And, above all — about responsibility of the decisions made by the person that there were no such sad stories here.

In Tomsk one local resident with a hope and huge desire brought to herself the pet. Eremushka lived and did not grieve the whole 10 years with the hostess. It, consider, the adult child, the full member of family, an inseparable part, the relative. Once the woman learned that she soon will become a mother. It would seem, people at this stage of life comprehend some new spiritual tops on the way of formation by parents. Become kinder, wiser, more sensual. Save all life love to give it to the little person and all around. But with this woman all differently.

The gene of motherhood played a dirty trick. But most of all got to her pet, Egorushke. Future mother just refused the dog relative, having explained the decision with the fact that, having become mother, it will have no time to pay attention also to the pet. It does not go in! How can the person who refused one being entrust education of the person? A question rhetorical and not to us, not indifferent to judge. But to us this foundling and to attach, care for him, to worry as more nobody will make it.


Удручает a bigger fact — found the whole bunch of fatal diseases in Egor. There is a feeling that a dog lived all these 10 years in a closet, without water, food, care and attention. Exhaustion and as result huge problems with digestive tract, a tumor in testicles, inflammation of a prostate, heart trouble. Such diseases will be enough for five dogs, and they were transferred by this kid. As he still survived at the same time, nobody understands.

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