• Aug 21, 2019

The choice of a nickname for the pet — occupation responsible and, sometimes, very labor-consuming. We often touch tens of options of nicknames and their derivatives in the head, it will sound very often!

Someone chooses popular nicknames, someone calls by the names of the favourite heroes or idols. For someone the value and sense of a name play an important role.

And some owners are inspired by "alcoholic" names and add a note of a holiday and fun to the life, calling the canine friend on "exciting" manners.

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And бсент, Aylend, Amaretto, Ararat, Asti.

B akard, the Baron, Baileys, the Squirrel, Bim, Bitter, Blanch, Faded, Brandy, Brut, the Belarusian, Bourbon, Bianka.

In elvt, Vermouth, Viskarik.

линтвейн, Gorynych, Grants, Grog.

D aykir, Dzheymson, Jack, Gerry, Gene, Johnny.

Yo рш.


To agoras, the Calvados, Campari, Kraft, the Crystal, Cold fruit punch, the Chianti.

L Iker, Limonchelo.

M to an alib, Malbek, Margarita, Martini, Mojito, Muscat, Mary.

N olive, Negroni.

P ериньон, Beer, Pina, Paul, Porter, Prosekko, Punch.

P iokha, Rohm.

With like, the Elder, Cider, Stella, Sam.

the T ekit, Toddi, Tonic, Torres.

At ильям.

X eness.

H Arly, Chivas.

Highway Abo, Chardonnay, Sheyk, Schnapps, Corkscrew.

E .

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