• Feb 7, 2020

Some owners underestimate a game role in life of a dog. However dogs important also need to play – both with similar, and with the owner. Why the dog needs games?

 the Dog plays a photo

On a photo: the dog plays. Photo: pixabay.com

  1. Games are irreplaceable in socialization a puppy. The kid who does not play with relatives at adult age experiences difficulties in communication with them, can become coward and aggressive.
  2. If all of you do correctly, in a game the dog gets used that, even communicating with other dogs, she nevertheless needs to watch constantly the owner .
  3. the Game – a great way to encourage a dog for the correct actions.
  4. in a game the contact of a dog with the owner m is acquired
  5. the Game gives the chance to train a dog to anything.
  6. In games it is possible to adjust "bad" behavior dogs.
  7. In games the dog learns the world around and learns to control it, so, self-confidence forms .
  8. In a game the motivation and self-checking dogs develops.
  9. the Game – excellent medicine for boredom .
  10. the Game helps a dog to improve physical shape .

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