• Feb 7, 2020
appear Every year announcements of the dogs lost in the evening or at night on December 31. And as dogs in panic escape from a cannonade, run without sorting the road and cannot come back home. But even if you managed to hold a dog, the stress for the experienced horror can last up to 3 weeks.
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Some owners are sure that if the dog is not frightened shots, she will not be frightened also by salutes with petards. Not the fact. Dogs are sensitive to wider range of sounds and distinguish a shot sound from a petard or fireworks, besides, they are frightened the whistle preceding explosion and are nervous, having seen other dogs or the fireworks of people shouting at explosions who are running away in panic.
Therefore even if you are sure that your dog will not be frightened of petards and fireworks, do not risk
— you do not drag it to places where can blow petards and start fireworks. If you want to admire them, go without dog there, and leave the pet at home.
If a dog is afraid, you can help it to cope with concern.
 the Dog is afraid of New Year's fireworks
On a photo: New Year's fireworks at all do not please dogs

10 ways to help a dog to endure New Year's holidays

  1. the Best (but, unfortunately, not always feasible) option – to take away a dog far away from noise of the New Year's city. It is possible to go to the country. And the worst that you can make – to leave, having left a dog on foreign people. If the dog loses also the owner, festive salutes can finish her.
  2. If a dog in principle of timid , it is worth consulting beforehand with the veterinarian – perhaps, he will register medicines which you will be able to give to a dog in advance or in case of a fright. However it is worth testing medicine earlier – perhaps, at a dog for it an allergy, and hardly you will find the veterinarian on the night of January 1.
  3. Prepare in advance. Approximately in a week it is worth preparing for a dog a convenient plank bed indoors without windows or indoors where sounds from the street are heard less. There put favourite toys and of delicacy . The dog will have a secluded place where she can hide, and it will allow to reduce concern.
  4. do not lower a dog from a lead! And begin to drive on a lead in 1 – 2 weeks prior to a holiday and do not release a few weeks more after New year.
  5. Whenever possible, you bypass people who, in your opinion, want to blow petards or to start fireworks.
  6. If the previous rule did not manage to be observed, the petard exploded nearby and the dog looks scared, to iron it and to calm – the bad decision. It is better to show the look that there is nothing to be afraid, and noise is unworthy attention. Just go further. To praise for the fact that the dog is not afraid too is not necessary.
  7. you Should not bring a dog to a window that she admired a salute, and do not run to a window. To draw attention of a dog to these sounds – not the best decision.
  8. do not allow overexcitation of a dog. Cancel for the period of the game and training if they excite your pet.
  9. on December 31 properly walk a dog since morning and in the afternoon. Do not postpone evening walk after 18:00. Even at this time the roar will be, but nevertheless the probability to be frightened less.
  10. If the dog whines and runs on rooms, do not disturb her, but provide access to the room where sounds are not so heard. If the dog shivers and nestles on you (only in this case!) embrace her and begin to breathe deeply in a certain rhythm. You feel that the dog more rare shudders. If she showed willingness to leave, allow to make it.
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On a photo: The dog has to have a secluded place where she can take cover from a New Year's cannonade. Photo: pixabay.com

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