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Each cat is in own way unusual and has own unique character. But there are such surprising lines which can be found at each representative of the cat family.

Let's remember 9 most often found.

1. Very much keen sense of smell.

In a mouth cats have a vomeronazalny body which, allows them to feel literally on taste any smell. If you noticed the cat with widely open mouth, perhaps, at this moment it just and "connected" this unique body, trying "to try out" a certain aroma.
by means of sense of smell of a cat are capable to distinguish the enemies, people or the territory of other cats.
photo: Google.com

2. Incredibly sensitive moustaches.

Moustaches of a cat is much thicker than usual hairs, have deeper roots and serve for transfer of important tactile information to the owner.
Moustaches are so sensitive that it is even not obligatory for them to concern a subject to feel its movement — for this purpose enough slightest change of air flow. This body of a cat is used when hunting and also to define whether they will be able to get through in bottlenecks.

photo: Pixabay

3. High speed

Some cat breeds are capable to gather speed up to 48 km/h at short distances. Strong hind legs undertake practically all weight of a cat at a jump.
you for certain noticed
how cats ridiculously wag a back part of a trunk before a jump: at this moment they plan future jump to the slightest details.
, pet, tail, run of a cat

photo: Google.com

4. A tail for balance.

Except that the movements of a tail help people to understand more or less mood of a cat, a tail performs function of balance. For example, when the cat clambers on a tree or balances on a sofa back.
A thanks to a tail of a cat can dexterously and quickly change the direction of the movement if it is necessary to catch up a resourceful bug or a toy mouse.

 a tail of a cat, a cat, a red cat, a tail in the form of a heart photo: Google.com


5. Unusual hearing.

the Tiny mouse which quietly is making the way somewhere near a cat even does not suspect that each its step is broadcast to it in great quality in real time. Cats hear at distance, five times exceeding available to the person.
 ears of a cat, large ears, hearing cat's photo: Pixabay

6. Far-sightedness.

you could notice
that to cats not so just to focus a look on something directly at it before a nose.
Representatives of the cat family often touch water a pad before drinking to make sure, there is water where exactly and that in it there is no danger. All this because it is more difficult for them to see nearby bezdvizhny objects, than a moving object somewhere in the distance.
 eyes of a cat, pet, cat, muzzle of a cat

photo: Pixnio

7. Features of cat's language.

is familiar to All of us this not really pleasant feeling on skin, similar to an emery paper when the cat licks us.
In cat's language are located nipples which basic element is the keratin which can be found, for example, in nails. Nipples in language perform function of a hairbrush by means of which the cat looks after wool.
 language of a cat, the cat licks lips, a cat, a muzzle of a cat photo: Google.com

8. Cat's flexibility.

help to Reach the most hard-to-reach spots to a cat 30 superflexible vertebras (apart from a tail). Thin small clavicles and shovels and also a narrow thorax allow to make surprising movements in the dexterity and to prolazit in bottlenecks.
, a jump of a cat, the cat jumps, a brown cat photo: Google.com

9. Strong paws.

the External layer of skin on small pillows of cats is much thicker than any other skin somewhere on their body. Small pillows help a cat to slow down after a jump, absorbing force from blow when landing.
Therefore when your cat decides to jump on a dresser next time or to run about on the house at the speed of light before abusing it for bad behavior, think for a second what it after all a unique and talented animal.
 cat, paws of a cat, small pillow of cat's paws, padsфото:Google.com
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