• Aug 21, 2019

Contrary to all prejudices, black cats are ideal partners, and not everywhere they symbolize failure.  cats in ancient Egypt

From time immemorial black cats held a specific place among fellow tribeswomen. Ancient Egypt believed that, having brought the coal beauty, it is possible to receive Bastet's blessing (or Bast), goddesses of fertility and a home. However times of honoring were replaced by cruel persecutions in inquisitorial Europe. Black cats were considered henchwomen of darkness, and medieval superstitions were so hardy that even it is necessary chernysha hardly today. Them most less often take away from shelters, and character from them that there is angelic.

 a black cat and a mouse

Contrary to all prejudices, black cats are ideal partners. Gentle, attentive, friendly, but unostentatious, they will respond to caress with love and devotion. Like to be in the company, but also alone do not miss. Are famous for good nature therefore the vindictiveness is not about them. At the same time black cats are able to stand for themselves and very stress-resistant. And still they are talented hunters and at an opportunity like to take a walk far from the house. Chernysham also attribute the special sensitivity allowing to predict the coming quarrel or even natural disaster.

They say that black cats feel negative energy and are able to absorb it therefore their presence well influences power of the person. And thanks to the strengthened pigmentation at them good immunity therefore they are unpretentious in leaving. Besides, not everywhere they symbolize failure. In England, for example, the black cat promises many admirers to the hostess, and seamen took a chernysh aboard as a mascot. Scotland believes that they bring wealth. Therefore the fluffy friend in black "fur coat" — it is unambiguous on good luck!

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