• Feb 7, 2020

Attentive owners for certain noticed that bark of the same dog can be a miscellaneous depending on a situation. Some can even, having heard bark of the dog, to tell what it wants and what "speaks" about. About what the dog barks and how to learn to understand her bark?

 the Dog barks through a crack in a photo fence

On a photo: the dog barks. Photo: pixabay.com

The Norwegian trainer, the expert-cynologist Tyurid Rugos allocates of 6 kinds of bark of dogs :

  1. Bark at joyful excitement . As a rule, bark at joyful excitement high, sometimes a little hysterical and more or less continuous. Sometimes the dog barks series between which small pauses appear. At the same time the dog can moan. body Language dogs includes jumps, run backwards-forward, intensive wagging, spinning.
  2. Precautionary bark . This sound in pack or in the presence of owners is used. Usually, to notify on approach of the enemy, the dog makes a short and sharp sound "Buff!" If the dog is not sure of herself, she at the same time tries to slip away. But sometimes the dog remains to undertake protection of other "pack".
  3. Bark for fear . Such bark represents a series of very high-pitched sounds, something reminding bark from excitement, however language of a body shows concern of a dog. The dog hides in a corner or rushes about here and there, sometimes begins to gnaw various objects or to bite itself .
  4. Security and protective bark . This type of bark includes the growling sounds. Such bark can be both low and short, and high (if, for example, the dog is afraid). As a rule, the dog does attacks towards an object at which barks, trying to banish it.
  5. Bark of loneliness and despair . It is a continuous number of sounds which sometimes is replaced we howl, and then again turning into bark. This bark often is followed by stereotypies or persuasive behavior.
  6. The learned bark . In this case the dog wants to receive something from the owner, barks, then makes a pause and waits for reaction. If does not receive the desirable, again barks and again becomes silent to look what occurs. At the same time the dog can look back at the owner to be convinced that she drew his attention, or to try to make contact with the owner to earn a reward.
 the Dog barks a photo

On a photo: the dog barks. Photo: maxpixel.net

Lai is an attempt of a dog to communicate. And, having learned to distinguish about what your dog barks, you will be able to understand a canine friend better.

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