• Feb 7, 2020
Dogs live near people very long time and perfectly understand us. How well we learned to understand their language? For certain each of owners of dogs at least once heard growl of the pet. Whether the person can define what the dog thus wants to tell?
 the Dog growls a photo
Scientists from the Budapest university conducted a research which purpose to understand, how well people can interpret growl of dogs. Also published article on this subject in the Royal Society Open Science magazine.
Researchers consider that vocal expression of emotions submits to simple rules, and it concerns not only intraspecific communication, but also trans-species. And people can use these rules "to decipher" "speech" of other living beings.
people distinguish
As for dogs, different types of bark well. With growl everything is more difficult – possibly because it by default is considered threat expression.
the Experiment was that to people allowed to listen to an audio recording of dog growl, and was checked, how correctly they guessed with what circumstances such reaction of a dog was connected.
Growl most often is associated with aggression though is not always threat. For example, dogs often growl in a game. The research objective was to understand, how well people distinguish different types of growl in certain situations: when the dog meets the stranger (the person or a dog), protects a bowl with food or plays.
 the Dog growls in a photo game Sometimes the dog growls during the game — and it does not mean at all that she shows aggression
Researchers reproduced an audio recording in groups of "experimental" people or to everyone individually and asked to correlate growl to a situation in which there was a dog.
In total participated in a research 40 people who listened to growl of 18 dogs.
it Became clear
by div class=" quote that in 63% of cases people correctly correlated growl to a situation in which there was a dog. According to scientists, it is quite good result.

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