• Feb 7, 2020
Owners of dogs sometimes face behavioural problems. And the biggest behavioural problem is stings. And most often domestic dogs bite — and they bite generally or children with whom they live in one family, or children of acquaintances.
Aggression of a Dog of a Photo On a photo: aggression of a dog. Photo: google.by
But charges of dogs of unpredictability, to put it mildly, are not absolutely fair. Because dogs absolutely unambiguously warn about the intentions.
of Many problems it is possible to avoid, costs only more shows consideration for questions of dog wellbeing. The sting for most of our favourites is absolutely already last resort when other means of communication did not yield result. How it is possible to avoid manifestations of aggression of a dog?
Exists 10 stages of the dog "final Chinese warning". Each owner of a dog has to be able to distinguish them and in time to stop.

Aggression: the warning signals

  1. the Dog yawns, blinks, licks a nose. It is sign of discomfort.
  2. the Pet turns away the head.
  3. the Canine friend turns to you a back.
  4. the Dog tries to leave. All (and to children in particular!) it is necessary to learn to respect the right of a dog on "leave me alone". And not to pursue her, and especially — not to drive into a corner literally.
  5. If the situation does not improve in any way, the dog presses ears.
  6. Then puts the tail between the legs, contracts.
  7. Lays down sideways, having extended legs. Many mistakenly take such pose for expression of pleasure, this dangerous delusion. The pleasure and the requirement of love and caress are when the dog substitutes a paunch. A pose having extended on one side — a desperate request: "please, leave me alone!"
  8. the Dog wrinkles a nose, is shown, shows teeth, looks in the face - it is already direct threat.
  9. the Dog growls. It is already red zone, the danger is close, but so far the dog still tries to communicate. Growl not always is the sign of attempt to dominate. The dog asks to leave her, at last, alone. And it is impossible to punish for it. If that, what are you doing, not a matter of life and death — stop doing it and give to a dog the chance to escape.
  10. If the person is still deaf to requests, the dog is forced to use the last weapon — to use teeth.
the Dog uses all signals available to it. Our task — to be able to distinguish them.
Aggression of a Dog of a Photo On a photo: the dog warns about the intentions, but still tries to agree peacefully. Photo: google
often pass Small doggies (though it can seem strange) to a sting much quicker, than big. They can pass promptly all stages before growl. And to it there is an explanation. So occurs because most often little ones learn by bitter experience: all preliminary stages of communication are senseless. Because if the menacing form is taken by a German shepherd or a Rottweiler — probably, most of people on рожон will not get. And the lap dog or a Yorkshire terrier amuse rather and touch: ah, look what charm, he wants to seem big and brave! Prunes and prisms!
the Conclusion is simple: to avoid stings, it is necessary to learn (and to teach children) to understand dog language (they learn to understand ours) and to respect them, dogs, borders.

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