• Feb 7, 2020
quite deservedly are considered as

of the Dog as our best friends. They follow us close, look at us eyes in love and it seems that they are ready for the sake of us for everything. But whether so it? Whether the dog if you really need her will come to the rescue? Whether the dog is ready to save your life?

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your dog when you it is in danger Knows?

We will begin with the main thing: whether always the dog understands that you are threatened by danger. Alas, not always. And sometimes us to save attempts of a dog are quite dangerous. For example, when the person floats, and a dog, trying to approach him closer, gets on a back and actually pushes under water.

But is also good news: in some cases of a dog "feel" danger – for example, the approaching natural disaster or change of level of sugar in blood threatening with a coma. Sometimes it seems that dogs have the sixth sense (that it is to science still it is not known) thanks to which they, for example, "find" people, dangerous to us.

Besides, dogs are sensitive to your emotional state. So in many cases of the approaching danger the dog nevertheless is capable to understand that you are threatened by a trouble. And even if the pet did not scent danger, but you are informed on it and began to act as appropriate probably he will be connected too, following your example.

dogs when the danger threatens their relatives Know?

Dogs are guided by an emotional condition of people, but they are also sensitive to an emotional condition of other dogs. Researchers from the University of Vienna established that dogs accurately understand when other dog is in a condition of a stress.

In what cases of a dog are ready to come to the rescue of us?

It is a difficult question. At least because even if the dog understands that you in a trouble, she is not always able to help you. And sometimes at all desire she does not understand that has to do, and sometimes reacts not in an absolutely desirable way. For example, starts protecting you from the stranger who only too quickly went to your party.

With what situations of a dog most often can help us?

  1. When you are upset . Having noticed that you are upset or you cry, the dog, most likely, will try to console you. Scientists from the University of London conducted the research which proved that almost all dogs react to crying of the person and is much more active, than on other sounds (for example, giggling or a conversation). The majority of dogs try to lick the person, climb on hands and in every possible way show that they love you and will never fail. During the research of a dog even broke through the closed door to console the crying owner!
  2. To predict natural disasters (for example, an earthquake or a storm). Dogs can have a presentiment of natural disasters for hours or even days before the event happens. They begin to behave uneasily and show symptoms of a stress. So if your dog behaves unusually, check a weather forecast.
  3. At a meeting with dangerous people . Sometimes even the friendly dog begins to bark at a certain person, becomes between you and in every possible way tries to banish him. Perhaps, it is worth listening to her opinion? And sometimes dogs, protecting owners from really dangerous people, even sacrifice life.
  4. When you are sick . Specially trained dogs, for example, can diagnose oncological diseases and change of level of sugar in blood, thereby saving lives of people.
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what Dogs of breeds can protect you?

When it comes about protection of the owner against the malefactor, say that there are breeds which representatives are more inclined to engage. For example, the American Kennel-club considers that dogs of following of breeds can be considered as "protective" :

  • American Akita
  • Appentseller Zennenkhund
  • Bullmastiff
  • Leopard dog of Katakhula
  • Caucasian sheep-dog
  • Central Asian sheep-dog
  • Dobermann terrier
  • Eshtrelsky sheep-dog
  • German shepherd
  • Riesenschnauzer
  • Bullets
  • Romanian mioritsky sheep-dog
  • Rottweiler
  • Staffordshire bull terrier

However, it, certainly, does not mean that the dog of other breed or a mongrel is not ready to save you in case of danger. Eventually, Charles Darwin was right when he said that the dog – the only being loving us is more, than herself.

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