• Aug 21, 2019

White color — a symbol of purity and good intentions therefore for a long time snow-white cats stood special high in esteem people.

Celts believed that to the goddess of fertility Keridven served white cats, and in Ancient Egypt was considered that they help people of heavy and dangerous professions. Many centuries later in Europe young girls from rich families got white cats as a symbol of own high morality and piety.

The character of snow-white beauties is a match for their angelic appearance. Mild, tender and delicate, they appreciate silence and comfort. Do not love the noisy companies and avoid strangers, but white beauties worship the owner. The reason of their shyness and uneasiness is in genetic feature – a frequent hearing disorder, but it does not prevent them to conduct full-fledged life at all. Besides it is scientifically proved that the percent of absolutely deaf white cats is low, many are quite capable to distinguish sounds. White beauties are also very vulnerable and susceptible to criticism therefore the exacting and rude owner – not for them.

One more feature of "snow" beauties — tendency to an allergy and diseases. It is curious that at the same time it is considered that white cats with smaller probability will cause an allergy in the person as produce less allergen. Besides, some of the best healers, they are considered as all diseases "medicine" and also are famous for ability to feed the exhausted person with energy.

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