• Sep 20, 2019

Animals – an important part of our life. We are important for them as well as they for us. They do us happy and help to keep health . But whether animals save from loneliness?

The Dog and the Person Give Five Photos
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the Answer to this question is given by numerous researches. You judge.

Children who have animals show much higher level of empathy and are prosotsialno focused, than those who have no animals. (Vidovic, 1999). So, such children can create more friendly relations suffer from loneliness less.

Animals help also adults. They reduce feeling of loneliness and feeling of isolation at owners (Kidd, 1994).

There is even a direction of treatment and rendering psychological assistance which is called an animaloterapiya – that is inclusion in process of animals. Along with physical advantage, the animaloterapiya brings also emotional. Researches show positive changes in development of social skills after inclusion of animals in work of institutions (Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY, Corson and Corson, 1978), reduction of feeling of loneliness at patients and decrease in social isolation and also growth of number of positive interactions between personnel and patients.

Animaloterapiya can effectively reduce feeling of loneliness at patients of hospitals, inhabitants of shelters and nursing homes. (Banks, 2002).

Animals in nursing homes increase the level of social and verbal interaction in addition to other treatment. (Fick, 1992).

In a research of families in the USA (Cain, 1985) participants spoke about a role of animals during various periods of life. The majority (68%) was noted that animals were extremely important during the periods of grief, loneliness or depression. In addition, 52% said that animals played an important role during a disease or in case of the death of friends and family members. A half of owners noted that their animals were also important during family crises, such as divorce.

For some people animals are the only family members. By means of observations and an interview on streets and in the Kidd and Kidd parks (1994) studied advantage of animals for homeless people and found strong attachment to animals. The affection for pets was so high that the homeless often did not come to the shelters which are not accepting animals.

Though the dog cannot cure a disease, she helps to perceive the world in a different way. One of participants of a research told: "With the dog I feel safe, I do not feel helplessness and I am not afraid of the future. Everyone needs someone for whom it is possible to care, and we care and we respect each other".

In 1991 Carmack studied the same question and came to a conclusion that the most important in communication with animals is their ability to reduce feeling of loneliness and isolation. The research Carmack is based on self-reports of patients in which the huge role of animals in decrease in level of a stress is emphasized. Participants of a research told that they talk to animals, consider them sense of the life and feel necessary.

In the similar research Robins, Sanders and Cahill (1991) studied dynamics of communication of owners of dogs in the park. Authors came to a conclusion that dogs broaden the sphere of acquaintances of the owners, improve relationship between earlier strangers and help to form trusting relationship. Also dogs help owners to build up the friendly relationship.

One of explanations is that people show interest in those with whom there is any similarity. Logical continuation – the fact that even the people different in nationality, education level, economic and social situation can find a common language in a "animal" question and relies at each other. So to become less lonely.

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