• Feb 7, 2020

of the Dog – beings social, so, are very sensitive to to language to of a body and other "messages" of the relatives. And much is studied each other. Not only study – dogs adopt from each other mood, and even hormonal cycles of the dogs living in one house are often synchronized.

 dogs red and black photo

Photo: pixabay

For this reason if you have several dogs, the behavior of one of them is by all means connected with behavior of other pets. If dogs are on friendly terms, they together run (and often synchronize movements), in at one time play and sleep.

The more attachment between them, the more is synchronized their behavior. And it can be both plus, and minus.

Sometimes people use it. For example, the puppy can learn some useful skills, watching behavior of an adult dog who is for it an authority. There is even such method of training of a dog as "imitation" which is based on ability of dogs to study each other.

 West Highland White Terrier and Yorkshire terrier of a photo

Photo: pixabay

But such, apparently, useful feature has also a reverse side. If your dog has behavior problems, and you take the second dog (often with hope to correct the first on its example), then most often the first does not "improve", and, on the contrary, the beginner gets bad habits the old resident.

Let's say one of dogs is inclined to excessive bark. And soon both dogs begin to bark, and not just support each other, but "urge on" even more.

For this reason it is necessary to think and weigh several times all pros and cons before making the decision to take the second dog .

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