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Good relations with the owner – one of necessary components of success of training of a dog. If the dog got used in the owner and trusts him, the huge importance is gained by an emotional condition of the person. And in it there are both pluses, and minuses. How do emotions of the owner influence training of a dog and why it is important to consider it?

This subject discuss many both long ago and, in particular, Ekaterina Chirkunova's report at the Pets Behavior-2017 conference was devoted to it.
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Pluses are obvious: if the person behaves quietly and surely, it is transferred also to a dog, and even in a difficult situation she will remain operated and it is necessary on the owner. If the person panics or feels rage or irritation, the dog begins to be nervous – and here not before study any more.

Of course if training of your dog or correction of her behavior are connected with a set of problems, and emotional resources you have not enough

, to avoid negative emotions quite difficult. However it is necessary to do everything possible to bring itself round is your debt to the pet.

How to cope with irritation or panic when training a dog?

Below you will find several recommendations which can help you to cope with irritation or panic when training a dog or correction of behavior.

  1. do not forget that though problems seem all the increasing snowball, the solution of problems can become a positive avalanche . And if you with a dog master basic things, on them it will be possible "to string" useful subtleties. The dog will understand the basic principles of training and to apply the gained knowledge and skills in new spheres of life.
  2. If it seems to you that the dog went crazy and so it is impossible to live further, stop and you breathe . Make a slow breath and after a pause also slowly exhale – at least 10 times. It will bring you round at the physiological level.
  3. If it seems that everything is absolutely bad, by make a pause . In a condition of irritation, rage or panic you do not teach anything good a dog. It is better to give both itself, and her an opportunity to have a rest from each other and to recover. Ask somebody to look after a dog or leave her at home and walk alone.
  4. Reduce time of occupations . You should not be engaged until you do not want to kill a dog. Stop before you explode or the dog will be tired and will begin "to be capricious". Your dog all the same will learn what you want to teach her to – simply, perhaps, both of you need more time.
  5. Choose for occupations such place and time to have an opportunity to control a situation . For example, if you only begin training, and the dog is excitable and easily distracts, you should not be engaged where it is full of other people and dogs.
  6. Remember what in communication with a dog brings to joy to both of you . Perhaps, you should train less, and to play more? Or you did not go to long walk long ago to the quiet place where you can just enjoy communication, swim for a while or run about competing in speed?
  7. If there is an opportunity, ask somebody to film you . It will allow you to see as to what moment it went "not so" and to introduce amendments in further process of training of a dog.
  8. Notice the slightest progress .
  9. If you do not cope by own efforts, perhaps, once addresses the expert who trains dogs by humane methods. Sometimes the look is from outside very useful and capable to give an important impetus on the way to progress.

How to concentrate on progress in training of a dog?

If you are angry or panic, it is very difficult to notice and attach significance to small progress. Everything seems in black color and it seems, as you, and a dog do not suit for anything. However it is worth concentrating nevertheless on progress – it will give you strength to continue to be engaged with the best friend. How to concentrate on progress in training of a dog?

  1. Always you remember: your progress it is much more , than it seems to you right now.
  2. Pay attention to reduction of a distance . If yesterday the dog needed 15 meters to pass by a cat and not to rush on it, and today you passed in 14.5 meters – congratulate also yourself, and the pet.
  3. you Watch that, what is the time a dog can remain on endurance, concentrate attention to you or just be engaged. And if a week ago you stopped occupation in 3 minutes, and today and in 5 minutes after the beginning of occupation the puppy was full of enthusiasm – be glad.
  4. Notice how the dog reacts to irritants . Until recently you had to escape from the lonely cyclist at the other side of the street, and today the bicycle passed by you and it was not necessary to run for the pet – buy a gift and yourself, and a dog to celebrate this event!
It is very important to div class=" quote to remember

that progress is similar to waves, there will be good moments and unsuccessful, sometimes it is necessary to endure kickbacks, but you will notice that over time the unsuccessful moments become less, they are not so critical, and jumps become more and more impressive forward.

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