• Feb 7, 2020

Domination at dogs is not such simple and unambiguous thing as can seem at first sight. For example, if we deal with nonlinear hierarchy (and it is built in most of groups of social animals, including dogs), sometimes it is very difficult to define the hierarchical status of each member of pack, it, besides, can change.

 Pack of hounds of a photo Photo: pixabay.com

What affects the hierarchical status?

  1. Age . Scientists came to a conclusion that the stable hierarchy is formed from the beginning of puberty. Till this period animals grow, so, their behavior and they change.
  2. Importance of a resource . Motivation at the competition for different resources different at different dogs. And, therefore, the hierarchical order can change too. Also the history of relationship is important: the dogs living together perfectly remember for whom what resource is of great importance and who for what will compete more actively. So, it is possible to solve whether there is a game of candles or it is simpler to concede to more low-rank member of pack who desperately wants that toy. As a result for each resource the hierarchy can be different.
  3. Cast and alliances . For example, there is a concept that in pack there is "leader", and there is "leader", and these are different roles. The leader is responsible for maintenance of discipline, and the leader – for finding solutions as it has the necessary experience. Animals who unite and form alliance, can win more often than if competed with others one by one. There are still aide-de-camps who feel safe, being in an individual distance a dominant where the competitors possessing higher rank cannot poke.
  4. Situation . For example, there is such thing as domination inversion – situational domination in the context of sexual or parental behavior. Nobody will risk to compete with mother with cubs even if this mother in usual life possesses a low rank. During cultivation of cubs mother because of change of a hormonal background becomes more aggressive and more persistent. And to contact her – is more expensive to itself.

the sequence Depends on the hierarchical status?

Answer to this question: no, most often does not depend. For example, at predators at movement of group the hierarchical status influences much movements a little. Yes, in a critical situation animals with higher rank can go ahead, but in a usual situation it is not of great importance, and low-rank animals shoot very often ahead. And, for example, when there is a group of wolves, curious teenagers most often shoot ahead .

So, for example, such question, burning for many owners of dogs, who the first have to pass at a door you or a dog, absolutely does not belong to the hierarchical status and "domination" in any way.

 Three dogs come downstairs a photo Photo: pixabay.com

As the hierarchical status influences the competition for food?

The competition for food depends on the size of group and limitation of a resource and also on a type of food. For example, if to keep wolves in bondage and to limit in food, the competition will be much higher, than under natural conditions where they, even at reduction of quantity of elks or deer, can myshkovat, that is find other source of livelihood. And, even if there is a competition for large pieces of production, then for mice of the competition can not be at all.

One more important thing – a taboo on area around a mouth of wolves. For example, if the animal, let and with the most low rank, caught, let us assume, a bird or the same mouse, it can quietly pass by the leader, holding got in a mouth, and even the most thorough dominants will not attempt upon this piece.

However if the animal with more low rank grasped a big piece which is not located in a mouth, and gnaws it lying, then more high-rank individual can quite try to take control of this production.

And in this sense of a dog are similar to wolves.

That is if the dog grasped a smelly piece of a muck on the street and you try to get it at it from a mouth, and she snaps, it is not connected with domination in any way. It is only an issue of training, no more, but also not less.

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