• Feb 7, 2020
We already wrote

about how it is useful for communication with animals. Results of new researches expanded understanding of how fuss with dogs influences our brain, and it is one more reason for which it would be worth getting the pet.

 the Puppy lies near the owner of a photo

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As fuss with a dog influences our brain

It is possible to think that our brain processes all touches equally, but it appears, it not so. The brain divides things which we touch, into three categories:

  • pleasant,
  • neutral,
  • unpleasant.

Each of these categories is processed in own way so pleasant touches "deliver" us pleasant emotions.

Fuss with dogs promotes release of serotonin and dopamine – hormones which improve mood. Considering that the level of serotonin and dopamine at the people suffering from a depression, extremely low communication with a dog can help to cope with depression symptoms.

Moreover, the visual contact with a dog promotes allocation of oxytocin – the hormone which is "responsible" for formation of attachment.
 Girl and English bulldog of a photo

Photo: goodfreephotos

As dogs affect our health

It is already proved that a kanisterapiya ( the animalotreapiya with use of dogs) reduces a stress at students during the session, at the people who endured loss of the loved one at children in hospitals and at people who are afraid of air flights. At the stress moments in blood cortisol which has negative impact on functioning of an organism is allocated hormone. It is proved that communication with dogs promotes decrease in level of cortisol in blood.

Fuss with a dog can also normalize pressure and reduces risk of heart attack. Also in the company of dogs uneasiness level decreases.

Owners of dogs suffer from obesity and its consequences less often. During of walks with a dog you receive an additional portion of vitamin D which shortage affects health.

And children who grow at in the company of dogs suffer from an allergy less often.

Certainly, each owner of a dog perfectly knows, his life with the advent of the pet became how better. But it is always pleasant to obtain the additional evidence from science.

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