• Feb 3, 2021

People consider dogs as the best friends. And in many respects these animals are the closest to us from all beings on the planet. Therefore it is not surprising, that it is interesting to the person how the dog perceives the world around. For example, as the dog sees and whether, in particular, dogs of color distinguish.

The Black Dog Looks in the Camera a Close Up of a Photo
of the Photo: pixnio.com

First of all, it is necessary to tell that dogs rely more on ears and a nose, than on eyes. Therefore the sight of our best friends concedes to ours. Also "is ground" nature in a different way, than ours.

For example, motionless objects of a dog are seen badly. And here the movement – very much well, it is much better than us. Especially movement sharp or unusual. It was it is necessary for detection and capture of production.

There was a myth earlier that dogs do not distinguish flowers. It's not true. Dogs see many colors, however some it is better, than others. So, dogs cannot to distinguish green and red colors. Also orange and red look for them equally. And here they distinguish yellow, blue and lime colors well.

It is better, than people, dogs are guided in shades of gray color.

Still it is better than a dog, than people, see in the dark, are capable to distinguish more details at bad lighting. Therefore they need less light, than to us.

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