• Sep 18, 2019
Times when ancestors of people jumped on branches of trees, passed long ago. And horses perish not because of predators. The situation changed. But as far as our and horse sense organs, in particular, sight and how differently we see the world changed?
Horse and Person
For example, the rider and a horse break a barrier. The rider on the advice of the trainer focused on the following obstacle and his eyes are above, he can see that he is behind the next barrier. The horse cannot see that she waits for her after overcoming an obstacle, and is not sure at all, whether safely it. The only thing that she needs – to trust the rider.
the rider Concentrated on a jump watches
forward and sees only what is ahead. The horse looks not only forward, but also on the parties. Also notices much more, than the person: both other horses, and people in the stands, and the fluttering flags. And moving objects draw its attention with a time more, than a motionless obstacle.
The Horse Breaks a Barrier
the rider, and horse see
I what color a barrier. But if for the rider it does not matter, then the horse who got used to jump through one-color obstacles will strongly doubt whether the barrier painted in multi-colored strips is credible.
the History of Sovetsky equestrian sport imprinted the amusing fact. Up to 1952 Soviet equestrian sport competitions considerably differed from foreign. And when in 1952 the Soviet national team arrived to Helsinki on the Olympic Games, the performance was extremely unsuccessful. The come-back athletes were met by reproaches, and they offended organized competitions according to the Olympic program. Neither riders, nor horses saw before multi-colored and step obstacles, pots with flowers and to that similar. Horses resisted very much, flatly refusing to approach these terrible inventions. These competitions remained in memory of eyewitnesses as "revenge of Olympians".

We draw great attention to a mimicry of the interlocutor, but horses of our mimicry do not understand, and the chagrin, anger or joy written on our face will not tell it about anything. Therefore scientists were sure that horses do not notice such "fine details" as a mouth, eyes or a nose on a human face. But this representation was wrong.

of the Horse perfectly distinguish forms of objects of any size: squares, circles, triangles, shading or crosses. And during the experiments they easily chose the picture which could be exchanged for yum-yum. And thanks to magnificent memory without any additional trainings they could solve these problems and a year later.

Can draw a conclusion that for a horse it is very important to notice and remember forms of objects. Perhaps, so they recognized familiar horses from far away and identified the risk.

The Horse Looks Afar

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